Girl On the Edge

Girl On the Edge

By Jay Silverman

  • Genre: Jay Silverman
  • Release Date: 2016-08-17
  • Advisory Rating: M
  • Runtime: 1h 44min
  • Director: Jay Silverman
  • Production Company: Jay Silverman Productions
  • iTunes Price: AUD 19.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: AUD 6.99
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A troubled teenager Hannah falls victim to an online predator. Unable to cope with the cyber-bullying that triggers repressed memories and opens old wounds, Hannah struggles to cope with her trauma. Unable to provide their daughter with the help she desperately needs to recover, her concerned father Jake and stepmother Anne are forced to make one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make; they send Hannah to a residential treatment center that takes an unconventional approach to recovery with the use of techniques like equine and horticulture therapy to treat its troubled young students. In denial and feeling betrayed by her parents, Hannah refuses to cooperate with the program. As she lashes out at her peers and the staff alike, Hannah eventually finds a kindred spirit in the matriarchal Esther and a rescue horse with its own history of abuse named Betsy. Hannah starts to invest in her own recovery, yet her demons of the past threaten to reverse the progress she has made in this powerful rite of passage.