The Jetsons, Season 1

The Jetsons, Season 1

By The Jetsons

  • Genre: The Jetsons
  • Release Date: 1962-09-23
  • Advisory Rating: G
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: The Jetsons 166653432
  • iTunes Price: AUD 7.99


From animation pioneers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera comes The Jetsons, a futuristic counterpoint to The Flintstones featuring George Jetson and his quirky family: wife Jane, son Elroy, daughter Judy, and dog Astro. The Jetsons were the very first family, animated or not, to have a big-screen home entertainment system, decades before it became a reality. They also had flying cars and androids, lived in a floating city, used push-buttons for household chores like cooking and cleaning, and had a robot maid — all commonplace items in today's most popular sci-fi blockbusters but groundbreaking when the show first premiered in 1962.