The Thick of It, Series 3

The Thick of It, Series 3

By The Thick of It

  • Genre: The Thick of It
  • Release Date: 2009-10-24
  • Advisory Rating: MA15+
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: The Thick of It 312787946
  • iTunes Price: AUD 12.99


BAFTA award-winning comedy series The Thick of It returns for a third series. The Prime Minister wants to reshuffle his cabinet in an attempt to look like he's doing something. But his chief enforcer Malcolm Tucker is having a hard time finding ministers prepared to volunteer for suicide watch in the run up to the general election. Enter Nicola Murray MP: a woman so far down the list that Malcolm doesn't even have a file on her, but who can be flattered and bullied into accepting the Cabinet post that no-one wants: Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Citizenship. Meanwhile, Peter Mannion and his team are circling as they finally sense victory is within their grasp, even if they aren't too sure what to do with it when they get it. Being in power is a good thing, right? Super-sharp political satire starring Peter Capaldi, Rebecca Front and Chris Addison.