The Adventures of Merlin, Series 2

The Adventures of Merlin, Series 2

By The Adventures of Merlin

  • Genre: The Adventures of Merlin
  • Release Date: 2010-04-25
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: The Adventures of Merlin 361125798
  • iTunes Price: AUD 19.99


The thrilling adventure, magic and fun of Merlin returns, this time with even more of the romance and action that make The Adventures of Merlin must-see television. The new series sees our hero continue to fulfil his destiny to protect Prince Arthur, battling deadly assassins, magical monsters and the most powerful sorcerers Camelot has ever seen. All the while Merlin must work harder than ever to conceal his growing magical powers, as King Uther redoubles his war against magic. Merlin faces his most formidable opponent yet as an ancient evil buried deep beneath Camelot wakes to destroy the kingdom, forcing the young warlock to question whose side he’s really on, and make a promise to The Great Dragon he may live to regret. And that’s not all; the beautiful Lady Morgana, Uther’s ward, discovers dangerous secrets she dare not reveal; Lancelot returns, changing everything for both Gwen and Arthur; and King Uther falls in love, little knowing that the Lady Catrina is secretly a hideous troll. As Arthur continues on his path from arrogant, spoilt prince to the noble and just King Arthur of legend, we see the return of the one prophesised to kill him - the mysterious druid boy Mordred. Featuring exciting new villains, white-knuckle stunt sequences, and spectacular CGI monsters, the second series of The Adventures of Merlin is more ambitious and action packed than ever...