Whatever Works

Whatever Works

By Woody Allen

  • Genre: Woody Allen
  • Release Date: 2009-10-15
  • Advisory Rating: M
  • Runtime: 1h 31min
  • Director: Woody Allen
  • Production Company: Wild Bunch
  • iTunes Price: AUD 13.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: AUD 4.99
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Larry David plays Boris Yellnikoff, an eccentric, pessimistic New Yorker - a quantum physicist and all round grouch - who abandons his privileged upper class life to lead a more bohemian existence. He meets a young cheerful girl from the South, and when her family get involved the entanglements that follow is a sparkling collision. The witty, brilliant screenplay is vintage Woody Allen; the city of Manhattan a fabulous character; and the terrific cast create a great mix of hilarity, neuroses, joie de vivre and love.