Everybody Loves Raymond, Season 1

Everybody Loves Raymond, Season 1

By Everybody Loves Raymond

  • Genre: Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Release Date: 1996-09-13
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Everybody Loves Raymond 612397882
  • iTunes Price: AUD 14.99


In the first season of Everybody Loves Raymond, a handful of semi-regulars were introduced, among them Ray's friend Andy (Andy Kindler), a sports statistician, Nemo (Joseph V. Perry), the owner of the pizza parlor and Amy MacDougall (Monica Horan), Robert's off-and-on girlfriend. Also firmly established is the intensely combative relationship between Ray's parents, who also had a cute habit, cute to everyone but Ray's long-suffering spouse Debra, of dropping into their son's house unannounced and poking their noses into everyone's business. More welcome drop-ins occurred whenever Ray's sports-world friends opted to pay a visit to the series, including Desmond Howard in "Fascinating Debra," Barry Bonds in "Diamonds," Terry Bradshaw in "Debra’s Sick," Tommy Lasorda, Katarina Witt and Marv Albert in "Recovering Pessimist."