Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown

By Bill Melendez

  • Genre: Bill Melendez
  • Release Date: 1977-06-02
  • Advisory Rating: G
  • Runtime: 1h 15min
  • Director: Bill Melendez
  • Production Company: Paramount
  • iTunes Price: AUD 11.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: AUD 4.99
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The bus is rolling! Next stop: Camp Remote, where the Peanuts kids face more challenges than they can shake a tent pole at! As if tug o’ war, sack racing and physical training at dawn aren’t enough, Charlie Brown and his pals face an extra obstacle. A group called the Bullies are determined to beat our friends at everything. They have a simple plan for doing this, too. They cheat! Loaded with fun and excitement, the feature-length Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown shows how the Peanuts kids prove their resourcefulness when they compete against the Bullies in the camp’s main event: a multi-day wilderness river rafting competition. Teamwork, courage and leadership are the keys to success. Will Charlie Brown have what it takes to be a leader?