Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 1

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Season 1

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

  • Genre: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • Release Date: 2008-01-13
  • Advisory Rating: M
  • Episodes: 9
  • iTunes Price: AUD 24.99
  • iTunes HD Price: AUD 29.99


Producers Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds) and John Wirth (Ghost Whisperer) team up with Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna (producers of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) to bring to television an intense new drama taking place after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Fugitives from the law, Sarah Connor (Lena Headey from 300) and her teenage son, John (Thomas Dekker from Heroes), are confronted with the reality that still more enemies from the future and the present could attack at any moment. They evade pursuers in today's Los Angeles, relentlessly battling to save the human race. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles represents an exciting reinvention of the Terminator series in which the strong and intrepid Sarah discovers that protecting her son and stopping the rise of the machines is more difficult than she had ever imagined.


Title Time Price
1 Pilot 46:36 AUD 2.99 Buy on iTunes




    This is the best show ever, and if you are reading this then you need to help me! Fox has cancelled this awesome Tv show and we need to save it. I think it is the best installment of Terminator ever and it needs a third season!!!
  • Deeper then your average TV show

    By Laz 77
    So often the smarter shows get cancelled. Is that because audiences want their tv like they want their food? Fast food, no effort, drive through? This show can't be watched one week and not the next... Loved it - sad it's gone. Gets better on re-watching.
  • Easily the best TV show around.

    By The_Only_One_Father_Away
    I am so sad this show was canceled. It was so amazing. The acting is also amazing. Thomas Dekker is so cute and Summer Glau makes a great terminator. Overall you will love this show no matter what and I highly recomend you buy it
  • If this was a book, it would be a "can

    By bellas17
    This series is a great complement to the Terminator movies, although you don't need to have seen them to understand and enjoy the TV show. The week-by-week story lines are well written and gutsy, the continuing story is absorbing, with twists and turns that keep you guessing. The time paradox threads through, but is not allowed to dominate nor hinder the plot, (although purists may find that a little frustrating.) Fans of "The Secret Circle" will get to see what Thomas Dekker could do had that series allowed him the scope to act that this one does, Brian Austin Green is the man the boy promised to be in "BH 90210", Lena Headey shows why they were so anxious to cast her as Circe in "A Game of Thrones" and Summer Glau is totally enthralling throughout. So, great cast, edge of seat stuff mixed with great human stories. I loved this series. PS If you are like me and are a bit put off buying a series that has been cancelled, worried that the storyline will just be left hanging, don't be. The season 2 finale is a great blend of completing the series and offering a window into the "what might have been".
  • Terminator Chronicles

    By Budchunk
    A great show that was really getting into stride in season 2. Cruelly cut by the same TV execs that think reality TV has something to offer the over 13 years old market. Such a shame!
  • This is aweosme

    By van is aweosme
    This is an aweosme Tv show!!! Im so glad that Itunes put it up for us to buy!!! Its different from the movies.. this is so much better!!