The Tudors, Season 2

The Tudors, Season 2

The Tudors

  • Genre: The Tudors
  • Release Date: 2008-08-02
  • Advisory Rating: MA15+
  • Episodes: 10
  • iTunes Price: AUD 14.99
  • iTunes HD Price: AUD 17.99


Season Two is set during 1530-36, the pivotal period of English and world history that begins with the death of the powerful Cardinal Wolsey and ends with the execution of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Frustrated by the Vatican in his bid to annul his marriage to Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII is unwavering in his intent to marry Anne Boleyn. While motivated by vanity, sexual desire and bold individualism — his reasoning is centred on one unshakable ambition: to father a son and heir to the Tudor dynasty. But this desire alone is not the whole story. Inspired by the writings and reformist zeal of disgruntled German theologian Martin Luther, Henry becomes a Royal revolutionary, taking on the Catholic Church at its own game — wielding power and authority — and launching the Reformation, a savage and bloody bid to be master of his own spiritual and secular destiny.


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    By Papsy
    Great show, great storyline, great acting, shame about catherine but lol!
  • The Best

    By JanJan18
    Excellent series, as good as any BBC costume dramas, But when do we get the other 3 episodes of this season.
  • The Tudors

    By HistoryNerd01
    Probably not very educational but very entertaining. When is the rest of the season coming?
  • The Tudors

    By Sambinka
    Spectacular quality - worth every cent! I love the way in which history can be relived from all perspectives here. It matches the first season wonderfully and recommend that every history lover should watch it. A great buy!
  • The Tudors

    By Violet28
    This modern take on the history of England at the time of Henry the 8th isnt exactly true to the real thing but the way it has been filmed is absolutly brilliant and highly addictive and who could pass up a perve at john rhys-myers.. love it love it LOVE IT!!
  • The Tudors 1 & 2

    By remit
    Excellently done , enjoyable, draws you in and so addictive.Work put into making the show amazes me.Eagerly awaiting for season 3 , so hurry!!! "MY LORDS"
  • The Tudors Season 2

    By tracey2009
    I need subtitles "English for Deaf hearing" I m deaf. I find Contols unblock subtiles.. i need subtitlie english is very good word. Thanks Tracey
  • What addiction is this my Lord?

    By Marian Palandri
    I have gorged myself of The Tudors until I am red eyed and sleep deprived. "Just one more episode" turned into the catch phrase when asked by my partner to cook, eat or go out with friends. This Masterful series, rich in language, costume and location is truly a feast for eyes and ears. Forays into fiction cleverly woven through fact ( as we know it) made for truly rounded and riveting drama. I became confused somewhat with the growing of beards and changing of hairstyles as far as the younger males about His Majesty, however that was a minor distraction. I am bereft now since I only have one episode left for my viewing pleasure. More please Michael Hirst! Wonderful dialogue, vivid eye candy in all sense of the word and clever music for setting and mood. Bravo!!
  • Wonderful

    By Rach =)
    The Tudors! What can I say, it has been done beautifully. 5 Stars to the camera and special effects team. A lot of effort probably went into making this as accurate as it is and not a second wasted if you ask me. Overall, very enjoyable, educational and great to watch. Worth every cent.
  • omg..

    By DoWn UnDaZ
    love this show... omg and guess what? in seasons 3 & 4... MY COUSIN WILL BE IN THIS SHOW! :D Emma Hamilton here you come ;D keep ur eyes peeled for her, the queen's brother's wife :D hehe