The Wire, Season 5

The Wire, Season 5

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  • Disappointing end to a great show

    By Bmanj67
    Unfortunately series 5 lost touch with reality and the increasingly bizarre actions of some of the main characters detracted from the show. It just seemed too far fetched for a show that is supposed to be a realistic police drama. I still enjoyed watching series 5 but, based on the very high standard set by the first four series, I was disappointed.
  • Excellent crime fiction

    By SonorFly
    The crime genre TV series rather than individual episode returns. An encouraging welcome back to a television series that does not adhere to the episodic process. A well crafted piece of drama that uses the media as part of the framework for this season's narrative. Unsurprising since the production writer, a former journalist, has used his experience to make the story convincing in scenes referencing the media. The usual attention to detail, fine production values and excellent acting are once again present to engage the viewer throughout this series. Season 5 of 'The Wire' is an intelligent and thought provoking Tv show for those who are tired of the formularised entertainment that dominates free to air programming. It truely is well worth the investment however, I recommend picking up seasons 1- 4 to back fill if you just discovered the show.
  • Great Show... Poor format...

    By Captain Marmalade
    The Wire is almost flawless as a tv series. However I was a little surprised that my iTunes copy was in 4:3 instead of 16:9 format. Hmmmmm.....
  • Haven't even watched season 5 but already gave it 5 stars...

    By rakov
    ...though I was thinking of knocking off half a star for there being only 10 episodes. Seriously, I haven't watched it yet but I've season 1-4 and this is the best done cop/criminal drama out there. My only advice to people though is to not buy season 5 unless you've seen seasons 1-4, otherwise you won't know who is who and why what is important to them (their motivation). The Wire is not the sort of show you can just pick up and run with mid season, or even mid-episode for that matter. The way the show was made in season 1, it just picks up and goes - while you the viewer just has to catch up to figure out what's going on (and it's brilliantly done that way). Now I'm off to watch the first episode of season 5. Later.
  • No better show on television, EVER

    By WileyX
    If you read the other reviews here and have never watched "The Wire", you may think that all the high praise is just TV zealots getting over-excited about another cop drama - I was sceptical when I first heard of this show too. However, after watching seasons 1-4 on iTunes over the past month, I can honestly say that this is the finest television series I have ever seen. An amazing piece of storytelling, with flawless acting, character development, settings, cast, the whole box and dice. Whatever you do, do not miss The Wire! And yes, you definitely have to watch the whole thing, starting with Episode 1, Season 1, or you will not get the full effect of this masterpiece.
  • One of the All Time Greats

    By DanSince79
    The Wire is simply one of the best cop dramas you will ever see... so check it out.
  • Outstanding

    By Dymmas
    Most watchable, thoughtful and entertaining show I've even seen on TV. Watched the whole first series in one hit.
  • Unforgettable

    By jabw
    Season 5 stacks up to the past 4 Seasons - the only bad part is that the series ends. Incredible on all accounts, the most compelling TV show I have watched ever. Be sure to watch it in from season 1 as the characters build from the very fist episode and they would be misunderstood if you were to come in half way.
  • mr

    By WezW
    When is Sesson 6 & 7 available ?
  • the Wire Season 5

    By rolandcat
    I started by watching season 1, and it is like a brilliant book you cant put down. I am away tomorrow and am only half way through season 5, so iphone and computer are helping with this fabulous addiction, if you have never seen The Wire, get season 1 and start from the beginning.