Boardwalk Empire, Season 1

Boardwalk Empire, Season 1

Boardwalk Empire

  • Genre: Boardwalk Empire
  • Release Date: 2010-09-19
  • Advisory Rating: R18+
  • Episodes: 14
  • iTunes Price: AUD 14.99
  • iTunes HD Price: AUD 14.99


Atlantic City, 1920. When alcohol was outlawed, outlaws became kings. HBO presents Season One of this epic new drama series that follows the birth and rise of organized crime in 'the world's playground' at the dawn of Prohibition. Steve Buscemi heads up the cast as Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson, the city's undisputed czar who is equal parts politician and gangster. With illegal alcohol opening up lucrative opportunities, Atlantic City becomes a major hub of bootlegging activity as Nucky and his inner circle preside over notorious backroom politics, vicious power struggles, a constant onslaught by the Feds, and Nucky's own insatiable appetite for women, profits and power.


Title Time Price
1 Boardwalk Empire 1:12:20 AUD 2.99 Buy on iTunes



  • Another Classic

    By Dshan
    This is a great show, right up there with shows such as The Wire, Damages, Deadwood, Mad Men and The West Wing. Can't wait for the rest of the series.
  • Better than the Sopranos

    By Master Ferrari
    With Winter and Scorsese on the team, Boardwalk Empire is a stunning, well shot show that will never let you down. This show is BETTER than the Sopranos!
  • Board Empire - Series 1 - Ivory Tower

    By LillaKat
    Good but not as good as the first episode..Still a fantastic new series though. Can see why it's won the recent awards. And as another reviewer WHY - given the parity of US and AUS$ are WE in Aus paying more per episode than US?
  • Boardwalk Empire

    By Aprils taken
    I am loving this series. I haven't put it down since I picked it up and I picked it up by accident! How fortunate am I!
  • Boardwalk Empire

    By bbpenguin
    Fantastic show....we watch it religously every Sunday nite and always look forward to the next episode... Never a disappointment!
  • Good old fashioned show

    By thommy g
    This has got to be one of the best shows I have seen for along time and I simply did not want it to stop the first episode leaves you in a state of wonder how can they top it I can only wait for the next episode to find out. I would recommend this to anyone with a thirst for nostalgia with a hint of thriller as a serious bonus.... Five stars. After viewing the final episode I am quiet anxious to found out if there will be a second series as it leaves you with many questions unanswered but let it be fate decide as to where this will takes us. Still five stars...
  • Masterpeice

    I thought Underbelly Razor had a beautiful set this show is beyond beautiful. All the characters are great and well portrayed. Then again would you expect anything else from a HBO program.
  • Outstanding Characters and Execution !!

    By Hewsmike
    Mr Buscemi is stunning in his portrayal of the central character, even rather better than his Sopranos and other roles. The supporting cast is exemplary. The setting and plot appears quite believable, neatly paced and likely well researched according to the additional material - especially the period detail. All the grey areas between the black and white of prohibition extremes are demonstrated in the individual behaviours thus induced, and that is precedent for the later history of societies 'managing' illicit substances ( a money tree rewards the violent with easy riches ). I too eagerly look forward to the next season ! :-) [ BTW the pricing is a deserving return upon the production outlay : you get what you pay for, and if not paid for then from whence does the next season come ? In any case if one is averse, the quality will remain to be viewed later when the price goes down ! ]
  • Pricing

    By SlicerX
    Some of the comments posted below in regard to pricing are very misguided. It is easy to throw blame Apples way, however it is the networks and producers that set the prices we are accustomed to now. Apple has more than a few times gone in to bat to get us TV shows, so just make sure you research a little before firing over their bow. This show is great! (simple)
  • if you like mad men you'll enjoy this

    By tokyodove
    fantastic show, especially all the little details they've included like time appropriate advertisements, clothing etc. story line is great, witty dialogue, interesting characters. if you're not sure just download the first episode it should convince you