Lost Girl, Season 3

Lost Girl, Season 3

Lost Girl

  • Genre: Lost Girl
  • Release Date: 2013-01-10
  • Advisory Rating: MA15+
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Price: AUD 14.99
  • iTunes HD Price: AUD 17.99


For Bo, Season Three is all about Choice. The victory in the final battle of Season Two has created new alliances but also reinvigorated old enemies – enemies like The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier: Two and a Half Men, Covert Affairs, Human Target), whom Bo crossed in an attempt to bring peace to the Faedom. This year our favourite Succubus, who until now has famously refused to pick a side, will be forced to make a deadly decision – or risk a fate worse than death. Season Three also sees Bo make a romantic choice, as she commits to a (gasp!) real-life, grown-up relationship – but finds the road to commitment riddled with obstacles. Though she chooses the one she loves, can a Succubus ever be monogamous? Throughout the season, unexpected jeopardy stalks Bo and those she cares about. Though Bo battles many foes, her greatest enemy will prove to be the one that resides within herself. Bo will have to come to terms with her own identity, and take on an ancient, almost unwinnable challenge if she hopes to finally learn the terrifying truth about who (or what) she might be destined to become.


Title Time Price
1 Caged Fae 44:07 AUD 2.99 Buy on iTunes



  • All I can say is...

    By Mr Funkay
    I am looooving this series!!
  • Awesome show

    By Patto288
    Great show, hot chicks. Can't complain here
  • Best

    By Aimz Monty
    Love this show! its been two weeks and no update on my SEASON PASS... just saying
  • Can't get enough

    By TheNightOwler
    I'm so obsessed with this show. The elements of Buffy have made me love the show ever more. I'm always looking forward to the next episode.
  • I love this show.

    By Bliny
    Best show ever. Catchy storylines, attractive actors and actresses, hilarious moments. This show will addict you. Just bought the season pass.
  • Lost Girl is fantastic!

    By MyThoughts4You
    Bo is a great role model. Sexy and strong, feminine and vulnerable, clear boundaries and vision. She even has a beautiful body rather than an anorexic one. Throw in some lesbianism for the geeky gods out there and a bit of magic and wonder, this show is really worth watching whether you're a scifi geek goddess or god. :) Go Bo!!! :)
  • Terrific Show

    By Scullys_haven
    Lost Girl is such a good show - I love it!!!!!! Each season gets better and better. Good work Canada ;-)
  • Waiting

    By valkyrie70
    Great show! But why have we had to wait so long between Episode 8 & 9????
  • season pass

    By waiting in Oz
    Just bought the season pass & have watched all available episodes .When will there be more.???????
  • what are we paying for Apple?

    By Xistane
    show is great...when delivered. it's beem over 2 weeks!!!!