Breaking Bad, The Final Season

Breaking Bad, The Final Season

Breaking Bad

  • Genre: Breaking Bad
  • Release Date: 2013-08-12
  • Advisory Rating: MA15+
  • Episodes: 12
  • iTunes Price: AUD 14.99
  • iTunes HD Price: AUD 17.99


All bad things must come to an end.


Title Time Price
1 Blood Money 47:21 AUD 2.99 Buy on iTunes



  • Breaking bad 6

    By Jinx7171
    Fantastic show, last season even better than I was hoping for. Can't believe it'l all be over :)
  • Contract

    By My terms and conditions
    Im about to purchase breaking bad the final season. (Season 5 all episodes from 5.1 to last episode made. any episodes available will down load automatically and the remanning episodes will download automatically when i log on to iTunes in the future or when the remanning episodes are made available for public viewing. I agree to your terms and conditions of the season pass that iTunes have available for the purchase of breaking bad season the finale season or season 5.1 to 5.16. You will be held liable for prosecution buy the law. Under the same act iTunes have me ( the purchaser of season 5 the final season all episodes) to provide the service. If you do not agree to my terms and conditions of the purchase. You should not continue to have season pass available for me to purchase.
  • Discraceful

    By Bentheboss!!?!??
    breaking bad is awesome but itunes needs to look at how much they are ripping their loyal customers off!!!
  • Duh

    By cause_meh
    Amazing end to the series and to those of you claiming "misconduct" and yeliing "criminal" a whole lot, keep it in mind that the collective cost of both halves of the season is equivalent to the standard cost of a sixteen episode season. I agree that itunes is overcharging us, but there has been no dodgey deals done here, just a lack of exercised common sense.
  • I hate iTunes

    By FriedOzzie
    How dare you make us pay twice for 1 season, absolutely disgraceful
  • Never Again

    By iTunes resenter
    Surely nobody will be silly enough to actually pay for a product through iTunes ever again. The iTunes policy is to advertise a product, and after people pay for it to announce that they have decided to only give you half of what you pay for. Who in their right mind would give them more money - either for the same product or anything else. It's not like there aren't other ways to get the product you want. Don't allow yourself to be ripped off.
  • Stop overcharging Aus consumers

    By Bundymutant
    I'm so disgusted in the common practice of apple ripping Australian consumers. If apple applied marketing intelligence and common sense, drop your prices to same as U.S and more people will buy your overpriced products
  • Tip top

    By warren o'keeffe
    There only 8 shows on this season, but they are the best ones ever !!
  • breakingbadlover6738904564394

    By walkingdeadlover885678
    this is why i download my shows because you get it for free, i can add covers and stuff when i want, itunes is just disgraceful, charging you twice for a single season. i am rating the show here not itunes, and here is my rate for itunes:0000000000000000000000
  • out of sync

    By Kane-face
    The audio is out of sync with the video for my HD version download. I called itunes support, got a refund, deleted the old out of sync version, got the new, press play and...OUT OF SYNC AGAIN...called support AGAIN, got a second refund and couldnt be helped beyond getting my money back... going to have to buy a hard copy from JBHIFI or hire it.