Top of the Lake, Season 1

Top of the Lake, Season 1

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  • Brilliant and moving

    By BootsZaraWalken
    I don’t understand the bad reviews for this, though I did find Elizabeth Moss’s attempt at an Australian accent a little off putting at times and her character was incredibly naive (to the point of being annoying at times) considering she was supposed to be a detective. But aside from that this was a really raw and moving series and I loved it. I can imagine it might appeal more to Australian and New Zealand audiences however as it has that distinctive, unglamorous, pull no punches style about it.
  • Disappointing

    By katelouise1234
    5 episodes in and nothing is happening?! I started watching this as I liked The Handmaid's Tale but I'm really bored and dissapointed so far.
  • Incredible

    By Devonshire16
    Haven't finished watching yet but I'm so moved by Top of the Lake. It is mesmerising.
  • Sandpiper15

    By Sandpiper15
    Brilliant and moody with Jane Campion’s signature atmospheric cinematography. The characters and plot present a squalid primitivism contrasted with the wild, unforgiving beauty of the landscape. So glad I found this to watch through ITUNES.
  • Tedious amateurish dross!

    By Toomanychooks
    So poorly written, dramatised, cast, directed, photographed and acted! David Wenham the only actor and character with any plausibility and gravitas - Tui and Jamie not bad either. This is a fraud!
  • Terrible

    By LittleBear Boy
    Awful script, terrible acting, predictable... don't bother
  • Too dry

    By Tiger Supporter
    Boring, as it lacked any twists and turns - the ending was obvious half-way through episode 2. The only mystery was whether the police officer would ever figure it out,
  • Unusual

    By Walshorton
    I stumbled upon this series by sheer accident and was hooked from the very start. I disagree with some previous comments, the ending is not predictable and the actors play their unusual characters with ease. It is a visual feast as only Jane Campion does! You will enjoy it.
  • What was with the accent?

    By Sharon.m30
    The setting for this movie is breathtaking and the plot was full of suspense. The story around Holly Hunter’s character was very odd and David Wenham’s character was all over the shop. However, the biggest disappointment was Elizabeth Moss’ aussie/new zealand accent - It was terrible and you could see her concentrating on it as she spoke. Having said that, her physical and emotional expression was very, very good (and i like the fact she’s never had a nose job!).
  • i loved it

    By Whitton delacruz
    very jane campion i love this series well done