Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story

Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story

By Tiffany Bartok

  • Genre: Tiffany Bartok
  • Release Date: 2018-07-31
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 42min
  • Director: Tiffany Bartok
  • Production Company: Matador Content
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
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Legendary makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin arrived in New York City from the small town of Lafayette, Louisiana after spending his childhood expressing himself through drawing, painting, and makeup application. In search of relief from the confusion and isolation stemming from his sexual identity and constant bullying, Kevyn found an acceptance in the fashion world that was instant and explosive. Due to his groundbreaking contouring techniques, his infectious personality and mission to make everyone feel beautiful, he quickly shot to fame doing makeup for every supermodel and celebrity throughout the 80's and 90's. At the height of his fame in 2002, Kevyn died mysteriously. LARGER THAN LIFE explores every corner of Kevyn's rich, beautiful and complicated life through the story of his untimely passing and the inspiring legacy he left behind.




    By deborah lippmann
    I was blessed to know and work with Kevyn. He held my hand as I started working in the fashion business and showed me the way. This film shows his incredibly generous heart-- and its real. Im writing this thru my tears-- feeling both blessed to have know him and deeply sad that his time here was so short. I recommend whatever you dream to do in life this is a must see documentary. Incredible
  • Amazing

    By Chasepr
    A truly inspiring film. A must see
  • Eye opening and deeply moving

    By gypsy502
    I was lucky enough to see this film at its Nyc premier and had no idea what I was walking into. What a pleasant surprise this was! Whether or not you work in fashion (I don’t) this is a fascinating story anyone can enjoy. Kevyn truly was a larger than life personality, and as enormously talented as he was I learned about his human struggle which too often walks hand in hand with genius. The interviews with Kevyn’s celebrity clients were an exciting window into his professional and personal life. I couldn’t have loved this film more and will definitely be watching it again.
  • Fantastic documentary, must see!

    By J. Bels.
    Saw this doc at Hamptons film festival. This is a well done documentary by a very good film maker. The topic brought to light the interesting world of fashion makeup. I really recommend renting this or even buying it so you can watch it again. Well done!
  • I knew Kevyn...

    By Badcat_3
    I met Kevyn Aucoin when I was 11 years old. That was 37 years ago and even though the last time I saw him was in the 90’s at a book signing, I kept up with his career and knew the impact he had on so many peoples’ lives. He was truly a talented artist, a special man, and a one of a kind human being and he is greatly missed. I’d also like to thank a mutual good friend of Kevyn and myself, for helping to make this movie possible-❤️
  • MUST see!

    By Kemi K.
    As a young MUA in this industry I appreciated seeing the ups and downs of Kevyns career. They told his story so beautifully from beginning to end! The part that really got me was when Samantha ( kevyns niece) broke down during her interview. I think the whole theater started balling at that part of the movie. I left the the viewing feeling heart broken and inspired at the same time. His talent was timeless! ❤️
  • More than Make Up

    By Anonymous Photohrapher
    Certainly "Larger Then Life _ The Kevyn AuCoin Story" is an important document about an exciting time in the make up industry but to me it was about much more than make up. I have to begin by admitting that my personal usage of make up is pretty much limited to Old Spice. The first thing that I learned from the movie was the importance of an art that few people pay much attention to. You rarely see two people in the lobby discussing the make up. This movie reminds us of the painstaking effort that goes into making someone look natural or spedial. As the movie went on I was imp[ressed by two major themes. One was Kevyn's tenacity. He did not come from a show business background. The movie brought out the fact that Kevyn's younger years were spent a long way from the entertainment culture. This did not stop him from following his passion. He just kept on going until the business found him and began to appreciate his talent. The other theme was the effect that he had on people who knew him and his work. Sure it was fun and interesting to see the celebrities. Who doesn't enjoy seeing and hearing from Cher? They appreciated his work but the movie shows us that they really enjoyed spending time with him. The same can be said about his friends and family. The attraction was to the man rather than his fame, wealth or celebrity status. There is an axiom in photography that you can learn a lot about a person, or event, by observing the people who react to them. This is also true for a documentary. The Bartoks use this tecnique very effectively. I saw it in their previous film "Altered By Elvis" as well as in this movie. This film is a facinating look at an artist who had a profound impact on the entertainment industry and on the people in his world. Check it out.
  • Must See

    By Tamara Janeli
    I've learned so much about Kevyn from this amazing documentary. This is a great story behind the iconic Celebrity Makeup Artist. His personal struggles and triumphs. Every makeup artist owns at least one book by Kevyn and this movie gives us a chance to meet him personally, get inspired and never give up on our dreams! Great Gift from creators especially to beauty industry!
  • Wonderful

    By kalinka14
    I knew nothing about Kevyn when I walked in to see this film and I left the theater incredibly moved. He was a true artist with a beautiful soul and a pure zest for life and his craft. He touched so many people in his tragically short time on this planet and with this thoughtful and well directed documentary he will touch many many more to come.
  • Wonderful Tribute!!

    By coll2568
    Tiffany Bartok is an amazing talent. My daughter and I loved every minute of this heartfelt documentary. It’s a wonderful tribute to an amazing and talented man! I loved all the footage and interviews.