MASH, The Complete Series

MASH, The Complete Series

By M*A*S*H

  • Genre: M*A*S*H
  • Release Date: 1972-07-17
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: M*A*S*H 1437658904
  • iTunes Price: USD 99.99


It was Korea. It was 1950. It was war. And the wildly irreverent doctors and nurses of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (M.A.S.H) were three miles from the front lines. While they skillfully tended those affected by the horrors of war, they also freely indulged in pranks, indiscretions and more than a few martinis. Forging friendships that would last a lifetime, they brought hope and humor to everyone they served. Enjoy now all 11 seasons of the hilarious, award-winning hit television show including the record-breaking series finale of this true television classic!



  • Amazing remaster of great show.

    By David K. Miller
    MASH has been remastered in beautiful HD glory. The original 35mm film was rescanned and each individual episode was rebuilt with stunning graphics and beautiful color. Great care was taken in cropping the image for full wide screen 16:9 ratio. There are no heads cropped off and it is nice to see the great quality of the work of the new editors. This will allow an over 40 year old show find a new generation. Yes it has a laugh track, which is how it aired on CBS. Yes it’s not how it was originally intended to be seen, being that 4:3 is what was prevalent in the 70s. I’m thankful it was remastered. Standard def shows look terrible on new TV’s. So this is a truly modern beautiful MASH. A few mistakes were made, the black and white episode was in color, a theme song was wrong on one season. But when purists pointed out the issues they were corrected. What a great job! What a beautiful transfer. For those that dismiss it, because it no longer standard definition in a 4:3 in a square, I say you are snobs. This is very well done. What a heckuva job! Wow!
  • Classic!!

    By Rig18
    A perfect classic that will never die!!!!

    By Blindman371
    My title sums it up. :)
  • Finally

    By hessman
    It’s about time they put this on iTunes. Best show in history, wish it was a couple years ago because I finally broke down and bought the DVD’s. Still bought the package though because DVD’s take forever to load.
  • Finally available and so happy!!

    By Darkone3042
    So happy to finally see M*A*S*H available on iTunes!! Hopefully the new generation of kids and young adults can appreciate the show as much as I did growing up.
  • Great show buuuuut

    By iancoolnl
    Please please please lose the laugh tracks! Or at least add an option to turn them off. I feel the show is way better without them. Cheers!
  • MASH

    By .R........
    Best Show Ever.
  • My favorite TV show ever!

    By Anonymously Yours
    Glad to see on iTunes FINALLY! This is a timeless classic. I don’t mind the cropping, in fact, it looks amazing on a 4K OLED TV.
  • Not the original airing

    By Vega795
    those that gripe about the laugh track... apparently never watched it in it's first run. The laugh track has always been there. What chaps my arse is the EDITING! I own the DVDS (first run dvds where you can mute the laugh track and the show is unedited) this ituens run is closer to the syndicated tv show. Edited for time and cutting jokes or bits here and there. Oh not as bad as the current tv editing but not the full show ether. You don't like the laugh track? or you want to see the full show with all of it's bits left in BUY THE DVD's! Otherwise this is a good price for a majority of the shows and still fun to watch!
  • This is a great series

    By Want the Real version!
    Those with the gripe about the laugh track, seriously need to look up the show on dvd and on tv. But my only gripe about the itunes version is the editing, some (not all of the episodes) are missing good jokes and three episodes (welcome to Korea, bugout, and fade out, fade in) are two part episodes when they shown on the first run of the dvds as an hour long espiode and the edits on welcome to korea drives me abit nuts. Overall This is a great series and i would high recommend this series.