The X-Files, Season 3

The X-Files, Season 3

By The X-Files

  • Genre: The X-Files
  • Release Date: 1995-09-22
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: The X-Files 282946585
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


Mulder is missing and assumed dead . . . although Scully experiences a vision in which he is still alive. Yet even as they are reunited, each must deal with an additional personal loss, tragedies that ultimately serve to strengthen their connection to each other. And they soon find themselves depending on that strength as familiar foes resurface and preconceived notions are shattered.



  • Best show of all time

    By MF_91
    I really wish that Itunes would put up the rest of the seasons. These people are missing out on the best Files episodes. If you want the best episode I would go with Clyde Bruckman, great acting throughout. Plus a great story
  • Jose Chung's From Outer Space

    By Perfect Gentleman
    In "Jose Chung", the X-Files triumphantly pays homage to "Rashomon" in delightful and deeply memorable exploration of memory, perspective, and how everyone sees differently. Remains one of the great works of television in any genre.
  • Make it $20 and you'll get my attention

    By Bruce LA
    Price gouging is not appreciated. C'mon.
  • Probably the best season

    By Swimmer_Girl44
    Some of the best X-Files episodes are on this season. if you have never seen the X-Files Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (it is listed just as Clyde Bruckman) is the first episode you should watch followed by Jose Chung's "From Outer Space". Both episodes are very well written and are a must have for any X-Files fan.
  • Season 3: best season

    By cfract
    I love the X-Files! So good. Season 3 is the best season of the X-Files, which is the best TV show around (imho). Yeah, if you want lighthearted fun episodes, try "Clyde Bruckman," "War of the Coprophages," or "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'" But if you want something closer to what the X-Files is all about, try "Oubliette," "Revelations," or "Grotesque." Those last 3 are absolutely top-notch psy-fi episodes with original stories, brilliant writing, and great drama.
  • Show really hits it's stride for Season 3

    By Agent_Summer
    Season 3 is one of the best for this classic cult phenomenon. A number of classic mytharc (alien/government conspiracy) episodes including The Blessing Way/Paper Clip and Piper Maru are reason enough to buy the season. Add in the amazing and sometimes humorous Monster of the Week or stand alone episodes such as Clyde Bruckman, Jose Chung's "From Outer Space", and Quagmire along with the chemistry of Scully and Mulder and this is a must own! Highly recommended!
  • The X-Files rules!

    By DoYouHaveAGrudge?
    There are better seasons, but this one is so good. Talitha Cumi is the best episode on here, but lots were good too. Mulder and Scully are great.
  • WHOO!

    By Aidan Jhane
    GO TXF! iTunes needs to add seasons 7&8... they can skip 9. As long as they sell "Trust No One" and "The Truth". X-files rules supreme. =]
  • What Are The Songs called?

    By jqholter
    In THe Episode D.P.O There Are three songs. The Song In The Beginning is James' Ring The Bells. The Last song is The Vandals' Live Fast. But THere is one song i have never heard of. It Is the one Where Darren is in the garage and Mrs. Kiveat Walks on.
  • the best 2 episodes of season3

    By me the dude of the world
    you should save the best for last with the 2 best episodes of season3. they are episodes D.P.O. and The Walk. Bye