Superman - The Animated Series, Season 3

Superman - The Animated Series, Season 3

By Superman - The Animated Series

  • Genre: Superman - The Animated Series
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Superman - The Animated Series 283035970
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


The creative team behind the Emmy® Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series chronicles the adventures of Superman, the World's Greatest Super Hero. Fly with Superman in this all-new collection of adventures. As the Planet Krypton is destroyed, its leader, Jor-El, secures his infant son, Kal-El, in a rocket that will transport him to Earth. There, as Clark Kent (voiced by series star Tim Daly), he discovers the truth about his interplanetary heritage and, upon reaching adulthood, assumes the identity of Superman, the Man of Steel. In the city of Metropolis, he battles the forces of villainy and continues his quest for "Truth, Justice, and the American Way." In season three, Volcana (voiced by guest star Peri Gilpin), a villainess who can control fire, goes on a crime spree; Darkseid (voiced by recurring guest star Michael Ironside) erases Superman's memory; and Superman masquerades as Batman to confront a host of bad guys when Batman mysteriously goes missing, among other adventures.



  • Perhaps the best Season of the whole Superman show..

    By The Movie Maker
    What can I say? Superman The Animated Series is a great show. It was made for a children's network but the show itself is more for us Superman fans. This is perhaps the darkest season of the whole series. Best episodes are Legacy Parts 1 and 2. This is not really a kid's show so don't avoid it just because you think it is. Well worth the money though it would be better if you just bought the DVD. Highly recommended. The Movie Maker
  • This is just right--DVD's cost $15 for this set and iTunes should do same for other seasons

    By Buddy Love
    This is part of the DC universe collection and represents the last and many feel the best of the Superman Animated series. Collection includes pivotal guest stars like Legion of Superheroes, Aquaman and Green Lantern..all who play a role in Justice League's series. I'm very excited that iTunes is finally offering quality animated shows and for any fan of American bred anime or superheroes..this is the tops. Best of all though, this set costs exactly what it costs at Best Buy...sadly Batman's seasons and Justice League are being charged $34 when I literally bought them tonight at Best Buy for $17 piece. Get off it Warner Bros and Apple--start offering pricing cheaper or inline with store prices. This gouging is ridiculous.
  • awesome

    By Conner F. Baby!
    great voice cast but pricey
  • knight time

    By josh1821
    i cant really say enough about this episode its one of the crossovers between superman and batman but there's alot of good oneliners here
  • superman

    By soraisthekey
    i remember watching this at my old house!