Child's Play 3

Child's Play 3

By Jack Bender

  • Genre: Jack Bender
  • Release Date: 1991-08-30
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 29min
  • Director: Jack Bender
  • Production Company: Universal Pictures
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 698 Ratings


One of filmdom's most notorious killers is back to wreak more mayhem as Chucky continues his quest to possess the body of a human child. Eight years after seemingly destroying the killer doll, Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin) turns 16 and is placed in a military school. Meanwhile, the greedy president of Play Pals Toy Company decides to resurrect the popular Good Guys doll line, confident that all the bad publicity is forgotten. As the assembly line recreates the first doll from a mass of melted plastic, the spirit of Chucky returns to renew his quest and seek revenge on Andy. Once again it's up to Andy to stop the unrelenting killer in this fast-paced thriller.




  • Best of them all even beats curse of Chucky!

    By Ninth brother
    My favorite out of all of them! Worth the 14.99! Ps. Will child's play 2 be back PPS. Please add iTunes extras
  • Funny

    By Cjh288
    Chucky look like a care bear
  • Good! But not as Good!

    By Soundwave n Blitzwing
    This movie is great!!! Kills are good! Acting...Meh... But Chucky is Hilarious as Usual!
  • It's Good

    By Savanna10
    The movie was good.........But after Child's Play 2, I wondered on what happend to Andy's foster sister
  • It's great movie

    By Noevaltierra
    Love it
  • It's not the worst, but...

    By HorrorGirl101
    I feel like Brad didn't put enough for the part in this movie. It just feels like he's trying to be more funny, than doing what he needs to do. This movie was honestly, a waste of time. The whole plot of trying to get Tyler, was a waste. Chucky thinks that just because he's in a new body, and that he didn't tell anyone his secret, that he can transfer his soul into someone else. Well, actually, even if he had a new body, Andy still knows who he really is, so he would still need Andy. To be fair, it's better than Bride of Chucky because at least they kept the same story. When they made Bride of Chucky, they completely changed the story, and made it stupid. It only got worse when they made Seed of Chucky. Anyways, I give this movie 2 stars because it's not the worst, but not the best either. I'll respect the first film because it was good, and better than the sequels.
  • Last one

    By Dogghost
    This one was ok but after it the rest weren't so good nothing like the first 2
  • Mixed Feelings

    By The Classic Movie Dude
    Not sure how to review this movie. You'll probably laugh more than be scared while watching, though. Brad Dourif also throws in some one-liners here and there.
  • Not a guilty pleasure at all

    By Thespelltheory
    I love this movie, no guilt intended. Use to watch a lot as a kid lol good movie, fun to.
  • omg

    By yhlsel19
    this was the first "horror" movie I got introduced to and I swear this movie series is the best because it's hilarious yet scary but not enough to call it a horror.