By Todd Ahlberg

  • Genre: Todd Ahlberg
  • Release Date: 2008-01-29
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 18min
  • Director: Todd Ahlberg
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Meth explores the rising wave of crystal methamphetamine use within the gay population. Through the reflections of a dozen gay men, we learn of the drug's allure, its promise, and why its popularity is soaring. Some of the men in the film are current users, and they share their life with us while under the constant influence of "Tina." Other interviewees are former denizens of "Tina World," who have managed to crawl back from the depths to which their addictions brought them. Throughout, Meth is an unflinching look at the devastating effects of addiction to this very serious drug.



  • APPLE wake UP!!!!!!!!

    By Evagee
    Meth destroys people. This documentary should be free. Customers give Apple money all the time & for good reason. But here, the corporate side needs to bend towards public good. Seriously Apple....I've been using your products since 1982- Wake up...
  • Excellent film

    By BAR88
    Found it very interesting to watch. Excellent production values (BTW, I had no audio sync problems) The only reason that I did not give it 5 stars has less to do with the quality to the film and more to do with a lack of real on-screen images of what Meth does to people. The subjects who appeared on screen seemed fairly well off compared to those who I have known who have gotten into serious trouble with Meth. It would have been much more powerful to show/discuss in greater detail the many who have died or have suffered enormously due to the damage it does to one physically, financially, spiritually.... That said, I do not feel the film seriously glossed the issue just could have been more direct. Just my two bits though. But well worth the price of admission
  • Fascinating

    By Guemes
    Meth is a terrible drug for both the gay and straight community. It has ruined lives. Ruined young children's lives because their parents are addicted. It is a drug that is impossible to do. I wish there were more documentaries on meth, I find it fascinating and sad people who are addicted and the turmoil created by addiction. Don't do meth. Gross. The weight loss would be good, however the addiction would be horrific.
  • High school quality film

    By DKBinNYC
    The film was interesting in the sense of each guys story, but there just wasnt much quality there. Plus Gays arent the only people that use it, i would have loved to see the film interweave gay guys with straight guys and woman and hear their stories as well, otherwise they should change the title of this movie to Meth: in the Gay culture. *Oh and as to Mr. Bernard M. Lynch Jr.'s comment that he is "a 50 y/o gay man white man who can proudly say i'm HIV negative" , i've gotta say there is just sooo much implied bigotry there that you really oughta rethink your outlook not only on other homosexuals but also towards anyone who may not be your preferred shade of the color wheel and anyone else who may suffering from an incurable disease of any kind. White men are not immune to HIV and not every Gay man who happens to have HIV got it through some drug induced state while on meth as your comment implies. BRAVO to your good luck though!!
  • Just Okay

    By Mhatcher
    The audio is not synched properly, so it is very annoying to watch. As far as substance goes, once you have seen 15 min of the film you have seen it all. The subjects in the film are very honest and open but I didn't ever feel connected to them. Overall it's just okay.
  • Meth

    By Sagerox99
    I can quit anytime I want.
  • Nice

    By Gangster of love
    This movie makes me wanna pack a bowel and tweek out!
  • Silence = Meth = Death

    By iBernard
    iTunes did a HUGE service for anyone contemplating, doing, or dealing with someone doing meth by making this available for $1. iTunes needs to do a BIGGER favor an, under the guise of "Public Service Announcement", they need to make this documentary free. I lived in Miami for 11 years, never saw the stuff personally, but saw the results. I was on the outside. "Oh. He's a drinker." I swore early on in my life I would never inject a drug, and I never have. Sure, I've had my moments as a pothead, but I'm a 50 y/o, gay white male who can proudly say I'm HIV negative. Was it an accident that I turned up negative or just a throw of the dice? Probably the latter. But I never got involved with meth, and not only am I grateful, but this documentary has underscored WHY I'm happy. I'll take a boring, outside the A-list, mediocre (to others) life any day, over this mess. Thank you, iTunes. Now: make it free. At least for a week or so. You would be doing a BIG public service. And God knows you can afford to make it free, for a short period. Thanks for making it a buck. File under HORROR MOVIE. Brilliant. Harsh. Scathing. Sensitive, and all too real.