Team Umizoomi, Season 1

Team Umizoomi, Season 1

By Team Umizoomi

  • Genre: Team Umizoomi
  • Release Date: 2010-01-21
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Team Umizoomi 352084687
  • iTunes Price: USD 23.99


Umifriend, Team Umizoomi needs your help! Build a super-fast speedboat with shapes, use pattern power to make chocolate and strawberry milk, fix a broken subway train, and so much more with these tiny superheroes!



  • Bad audio tracks

    By Pa Dek
    This issue plagues many Nickelodeon shows, but it is particularly pronounced in this season. The ice cream truck episode, for example, seems to have lost a quarter of the dialogue. Great show, but the audio issues are a real bummer for the kiddos.
  • Commercials? Really?

    By Eladrinskyr
    My son loves the show, but it's a little tacky to add commercials at the end of episodes that we purchased.
  • Cuteeeh.

    By Mazzy•
    Just how cute is this show? I am 14 and love many children's TV shows. This is my third favourite after Blues Clues and Wonder Pets!
  • Fun to watch!

    By Dr. Zeed
    I have the whole season. We love watching them with our just turned 2 daughter. For adults, I actually enjoy the show. I do not find it annoying, and it has great educational content aimed at math. My daughter asks to watch all the time. She has started to call back to the show, singing the catch phrases and answering some of the math questions. It is really cute. I highly recommend.
  • I <3 it!!!!!

    By Ninja9779
    I <3 this show!!!!!! Me and my friend are your biggest fans!!!!!! (we're 11 & 13 so that means it ROCKS!!!!!!!! You need to buy this show!!!!!!!!
  • Team umizoomi

    By Superduperpie259
    I love it my kids actually learn
  • This show stinks

    By Velvet Sky
    I really don't care how much you adults and children like this show I hate it,it is so stupid Bubble guppies is a good show you can reply to me I don't care!
  • Umizoomi

    By Dandizzle29
    Best childrens show ever. BELLY BELLY BELLY SCREEN!
  • Wish I would have had the season pass option!

    By hawk42379
    My kids love Team Umizoomi, but when I bought the first 9 episodes they did not have the "Season Pass" option for the show. Now I'm stuck having to buy all the new episodes on their own or paying for the ones I already have again. Talk about not fair. Why can't they do for the T.V. shows like they did for the Music and have the "complete my collection" option for a reduced price for those who purchased "All Episodes" before the season pass option was added? I will still get the new episodes because my kids do really like the show, but I feel slighted by iTunes and their store at this time.
  • Yay for math!

    By Asabean
    My daughter loves this show she counts and sings along and watches the episodes over and over.