A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember

By Roy Ward Baker

  • Genre: Roy Ward Baker
  • Release Date: 1958-07-01
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 2h 3min
  • Director: Roy Ward Baker
  • Production Company: The Rank Organisation
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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On April 14, 1912, just before midnight, the “unsinkable” Titanic struck an iceberg. In less than three hours, it had plunged to the bottom of the sea, taking with it more than 1,500 of its 2,200 passengers. In his unforgettable render­ing of Walter Lord’s book of the same name, the acclaimed British director Roy Ward Baker depicts with sensitivity, awe, and a fine sense of tragedy the ship’s last hours. Featuring remarkably restrained performances, A Night to Remember is cinema’s subtlest and best dramatization of this monumental twentieth-century catastrophe.




  • A vrty good movie

    By jimmyshoefilmfan
    I first saw this movie in the 80's and loved it. The James Cameron movie was good, but this version seemes more real. No it does not have the love story, but so what. No it does not have the blue diamond, but that never happened. Pure fiction! Try this film. You'll like it.
  • Alright

    By ckaghu
    Definately not as good as Jack and Rose, however, it is very accurate historically. The film could not have any less drama in it though. The sinking in the 1997 version was so dramatic. In this film the ship just kind of gently slid below the surface of the water. Overall I enjoyed it, although it could have used a little bit more of a plot.
  • Best Titanic movie out there

    By Gumboz1953
    The only major thing wrong with this movie was something beyond the filmmakers’ control — they didn’t have the benefit of the 1985 discovery of the wreck of the Titanic, which showed that it sunk in two pieces. Also, of course, once the ship’s lights went out, the entire scene would have been pitch black, since there was no moon (in fact, one survivor said she only knew the ship and sunk because her lifeboat started to rock with sudden waves). Beyond all that though, this is a solid piece of good moviemaking. And it had one thing the 1997 remake did not have — lots of survivors who were still alive who could assist with the story. Great job.
  • Better than Cameron's Titanic

    By darkknight1938
    Cameron's Titanic is certainly a good film but I have to say that I enjoyed this one even more. It told the story of not only the sinking but also about the other ships involved. Highly recommended!!! It's RT score of 100% is very well deserved.
  • Marvelous...

    By Prof1125
    ...from start to finish. So ahead of its time in realism and prescience about the staying power of classism. And remarkably faithful to the history we know even today. Not to be missed for anyone interested in this timeless event.
  • Still one of the best Titanic films… EVER!

    By Fiorato, Jared M
    While there have been a few good films about the Titanic have been made (and some just awfu ones), few can be compared to this film. While not completely accurate to what happened that night (due to the fact that the wreck of Titanic was not found till 1985, and new evidence about the sinking will not come to light for a long time), I still will not hesitate to call this one of the best films about the events of night of April 14/15, 1912. This film IS… and always will be a must see film!
  • The best Titanic movie ever!

    By BKJS
    I don't care what ANYONE says, this is better than the 1997 "Titanic". The drama is better and its WAY more historically accurate.
  • The most accurate version there is about the tragedy.

    By PatroklosAlexander
    This is not Jack and Rose! Thank GOD! This film is the closest thing to what is recorded. The sinking is not like James Cameron's, however the story itself is closer to what actually happened and therefore is way better than a poignant love story.
  • This Is Titanic

    By Arbagast
    In some "reviews" I see much about "This is no Leo" and "This is no 1997 Titanic. I understand younger people's liking of the love story line, etc and special effects. "A Night To Remember" is not without top of the line special effects. I saw this in the theater in the 1950s and, again, on television a few times. I am purchasing this film because, as like there's only one "Bond", one "War of The Worlds", "A Night To Remember" is THE story of Titanic. Relationships are shown at a minimum, ship behaviour potrayed as true. I also sailed from Wales to the USA (1954) on a ship and familiar scenarios struck a chill in me (Not to mention flew once on a prop plane who I aways wanted to thank...TWA...for getting me home. The sinking is not overly dramatic but more than enough subtle dramatics to compound your senses and tear at your heart. "A Night To Remember" is written and potrayed as close to Survivors rememberences as possible. Want to have a keepsake of Titanic's story? Get 'A Night To Remember".
  • This is the best Titanic film by far.

    By Iambic-Pentameter
    After doing a lot a Titanic research, I was surprised how even the smallest details and anecdotes were accurate to the event itself. With the exceptions of the christening scene and the ship sinking whole, the movie is historically accurate throughout. The acting is also well done, subtle yet powerful; and how there isn’t really a main character. I’m sure many would disagree with me, but I think this movie smashes Kate and Leo to tiny bits.