By Ricki Stern & Annie Sundberg

  • Genre: Ricki Stern & Annie Sundberg
  • Release Date: 2012-09-18
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 33min
  • Director: Ricki Stern & Annie Sundberg
  • Production Company: 775 Media Corp
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Knuckleball! is the definitive documentary about the impossible-to-hit pitch from acclaimed filmmakers Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg (The Devil Came on Horseback; Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work). This heartfelt, funny and deeply engaging film delves into the legendary subculture of the knuckleball and the brotherhood of men who share the drive, imagination and humility to throw baseball’s slowest, unpredictable and most disrespected pitch. Filmed throughout the 2011 season with extraordinary access from Major League Baseball, the story follows 37 year-old R.A. Dickey (New York Mets, now a 2012 All-Star) and 18-year veteran Tim Wakefield (now retired), the oldest player in the major leagues and an icon of the Boston Red Sox. Knuckleball! details their personal and professional triumphs of the season, while exploring the bond between these two active pitchers and their only allies, the five living retired knuckleballers: Hall of Famer Phil Niekro, Charlie Hough, Wilbur Wood, Jim Bouton and Tom Candiotti. Knuckleball! tells the story of these extraordinary men, and the sacrifices they made to a pitch that would come to define their lives. A FilmBuff Presentation




  • Awesome documentary. Makes you love Baseball all over again

    By Kappa21
    With all of the negative stuff on baseball this past decade, it was great to watch a movie that showed the pure talent and love for the game. This is what baseball is all about. You can't take things for granted and you have to appreciate what you have at that very moment. That is what Wakefield and Dicky says loud and clear in this movie. Great job!
  • Best doc of 2012

    By ebschwa
    THE best documentary of 2012. A definitive baseball story any fan will enjoy!
  • Cool

    By Jack Man 3
  • Great baseball movie!

    By Abrewer14
    We rented this movie and ended up having to buy it, as I have a household full of die hard baseball fans. Even the 10yr old liked learning about the knuckleballers. Well written and great insight to the behind the scenes in baseball.
  • Incredibly entertaining!

    By FanCCM
    Wow! This documentary is a baseball lover's dream. Riveting. The human aspect -- the interviews with all the knuckleballers -- is what is most compelling. These are normal guys, normal in the sense of being failures who had to adapt and persevere in order to succeed.
  • Knuckle ball

    By Asoome
    Cool and that was just the trailers
  • Knuckleball

    By KeithKelly2021
    If you are interested in baseball, you will absolutely love Knuckleball. This was one of the best baseball documentaries I have seen.
  • Knuckleball!

    By emmawod
    This documentary is about so much more than just baseball. The guys are very inspirational, and show the way an underdog can come to be a hero. Such an interesting subject, and such motivational characters. I think everyone should check out Knuckleball! Even if you are not a fan of baseball, you will love every minute of this doc.
  • Really good

    By Jeff402
    If you are a baseball person this is a great movie. I can't believe some people consider knucleballer's cheaters. R A Dickey's story is inspirational and it was even better to see he took Niekro's advice and learned to change speeds. Wakefield is a Boston legend, so happy he got his 200th win. The class everyone of these guys shows makes this informative and inspirational.
  • great Documentary

    By Eddybot
    awesome movie