Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend

Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend

By Gian Godoy & Esther Anderson

  • Genre: Gian Godoy & Esther Anderson
  • Release Date: 2011-06-22
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 35min
  • Director: Gian Godoy & Esther Anderson
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


Based on footage shot in the early seventies and lost for more than thirty years, NAACP Image Awards winner Esther Anderson takes us on a personal journey to Jamaica and into 56 Hope Road, Kingston, to see and hear the young Bob Marley before he was famous. While exploring the powerful relationship between Esther and Marley, the film shows us the Wailers’ first rehearsal, when the idea of a Jamaican supergroup like the Beatles or the Stones was still just a dream, and sits in on the launch of their international career with "Get up Stand up", "I Shot the Sheriff", and the “Burnin'” and "Catch a Fire" albums that brought to the world Reggae music and Rasta consciousness together as one, starting a revolution that would change rock music and contemporary culture.



  • A coin with many sides

    By doctordale
    This film gives the fans and the underexposed another perspective of The King of Reggae. Thanks to Esther and all who help to put this film together, it shows a side of Bob we all needed to know existed, we tend to see Bob as the musical messenger and legend and not exposed to some of the factors and people who helped Bob to see his true purpose and potential. You are a brave woman Esther, God's blessings to you.
  • An Indispensable Bob Marley Film

    By NestaRobert
    There are at least three main Bob Marley documentaries (Caribbean Nights, Rebel Music & Marley) and then several more that have been circulated amongst traders for years. Basically they are all the same. The same footage for the most part, same style, same interviews, same message etc... This film should never be confused with the previously mentioned documentaries or any of the traded and un-released Marley movies. This film is so special that I encourage every Marley and Wailing loving fan to watch immediately. You can buy it or rent it right here in itunes today. I can only encourage you to do so. This is the only film about Bob that contains an incredible amount of unseen and rare photos and film. The film is that is shown in the documentary was made by Ester Anderson and much of it shot by Lee Jaffe to make a documentary about the Bob and the Wailers in 1973. This is right after Catch a Fire was released and before Burnin' was recorded toured behind. It gives the viewer a rare an exciting glimpse into Bob's life at this time in history. The footage shot at 56 Hope Rd. (Island House at the time) is as rare as any film ever shot of Bob. It shows Bob, singing, talking, reasoning with Peter and Esther and basically just hangning out ready to get the band together to rehearse. Some of the footage has been traded amongst Wailers fans for years but after seeing the film, the footage we have previously seen was only a fraction of what was shot. It's all here in this film in FULL glory. To see Bob at that point in time and to get a feel for what it would have been like to simply hang out with him and Peter is worth any admission price. If you Love Bob Marley you owe it to yourself to see this film.
  • Average documentary

    By Christianity First
    Any new material on Bob Marley is generally worth checking out. However, if your looking to see Bob lead a rehearsal or sing for 2 minutes this movie will not show that perspective. This movie shows another point of view but doesn't show us the King of Reggae singing with any audio. I was disappointed.
  • Definitive Wailers.

    By Neil Nanton
    This is the movie that we've all been waiting for. It's the true story of the Wailers seen through their own lense. Quite a feat that not many artiste or bands can lay claim to. Esther, Bob, Peter, Bunny, Family Man and Carly, all united on a mission of purpose to set the captives free with music and document it! This film will put into perspective all that came before it and those that will follow after on the topic of Marley. It compels you to take a second look at whats considered the "old time" exploitative relationship between music lable owners and the artiste who make them excedingly wealthy. The director clearly would have loved to have done much more, like use the actual Wailers songs to partially score the film, the efforts of Chris Blackwell to stop that process confirms that "Bucky Massa" is still very much in control! Yet the sound track remains a testament to the will and determination of the film makers and the imensly talented Barrett family, who's sons and daughter take up the mantle in true form, along with the other great voices on the project. This film is a grand vision and Bob, the boys and Esther are true visionaries to whom we are all indebted. Dis ya one fi di people!
  • Fantastic

    By SmallAxe420
    Fantastic film. Only thing missing was Bob's tunes. But we all understand how Babylon has to find a way to influence they telling of Bob's life as well. My friends Esther and Gian have triumphed in retaining Esther's footage and showing us yet another endearing side to a man we all love and could really use in this era.
  • Incredible Footage!!

    By Marisol Anderson
    Unbelievable film footage of Bob and The Wailors prior to them being introduced to the world. What makes this film unique is the footage that was captured so many years ago of a man that the world would soon come to learn about and idolize. The other Bob films only have footage of interviews with ppl that were in his circle and have no actual footage of Bob the person and not just the artist. Esther and Gian did a great job with this film!
  • Now words to describe the feeling of to see Wailers in the beginning!

    By VInicius Brandao
    Amazing movie! Now I can say what made Bob a Icon! Can't wait to see portuguese subtitle! Bless from Brazil Ester and Gian!