The Fog

The Fog

By John Carpenter

  • Genre: John Carpenter
  • Release Date: 1980-02-08
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: John Carpenter
  • Production Company: AVCO Embassy Pictures
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 678 Ratings


According to legend, six sailors killed when shipwrecked 100 years ago in Antonio Bay, California, will rise to avenge their deaths when a strange glowing fog appears. The town is commemorating the centenary of the shipwreck and Father Malone discovers a diary kept by an ancestor; he learns that the ship was wrecked by six founding fathers of the town. The vengeance of their victims will be the death of six people. As daylight fades, a mysterious fog envelops the town and begins to strew panic and death.




  • Classic 80's horror

    By obamathecommie
    It doesn't get any better than John Carpenter's "The Fog." The soundtrack is as entertaining as the actual film. The music builds the atmosphere and makes the scenes even more thrilling. This is John Carpenter's best movie, in my opinion. The writing, directing and music score are all perfect. Great acting, as well.
  • FINALLY Thank you!

    By #1Halloweenfan
    I have been waiting forever for this to get on iTunes, it is one of my favorite horror movies! Now it is finally available to purchase! Thank you so much! You have made my day!
  • Finally able to buy!

    By JohnnyCarp
    So happy we can finally purchase and not just rent this horror classic. Thank you iTunes!
  • Great Movie, Poor Digital Version

    By Ed Baxter
    I never understand why when a movie is remastered for Blu-ray that a digital version of equal quality isn’t offered for sale. The Fog was recently remastered by Scream Factory under the supervision of cinematographer Dean Cundey and looks fantastic. The digital version offered here for sale appears to have been created from the same source materials, but for some reason the overall quality isn’t anywhere near as good. The daytime scenes are overly bright to the point of halos forming around white objects. The nighttime scenes are overly dark and details are swallowed up by areas of blackness. Colors are oversaturated, and the image is overly soft. Hopefully sometime soon a digital version of The Fog comparable to the Blu-ray will be made available.
  • I’m not happy

    By james too swwet man
    This is why I don’t like Digital I can’t buy it on I tunes
  • Love This Movie

    By UndeadPup
    One of the best Carpenter flicks!
  • One of the great ghost stories

    By Sterling Cooper NYC
    This has only gotten better with age. One of the screen's best ghost stories...unmatched for atmosphere and setting. 1st rate cast to boot!
  • Please upgrade to shout factory HD version

    By JeepDudeFTLD
    This movie has been upgraded from shout factory which iTunes carries… Please update this… This is an out of date old HD transfer… Shout factory has release this three years ago and you guys are still late to the party
  • Pretty much c**p.

    By Furutan1
    Or maybe total c**p. Hard to choose. I was around when it came out. After nearly forty years it is still c**p.
  • They just don't make them like this anymore

    By LookWhatDrewDrew
    Smart, scary, suspenseful, well-acted with an emphasis on story. Supernatural perfectly blended with slasher, done right by horror dream team Carpenter and Hill.