Pit Stop

Pit Stop

By Yen Tan

  • Genre: Yen Tan
  • Release Date: 2014-01-07
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 20min
  • Director: Yen Tan
  • Production Company: Mile Marker Film
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 16 Ratings


In this compelling drama, openly gay Ernesto (Marcus DeAnda) and closeted Gabe (Bill Heck) grapple with the sad tribulations of being gay in a small, working-class Texas town. Reminiscent of such classic rural gay love stories as “Big Eden” and “Brokeback Mountain,” “Pit Stop” achieves an understated tone of authenticity rarely seen on screen as it shows a tender, beautiful slice of gay American life. This festival hit is an uplifting love story about male intimacy, the heartache of unsuccessful relationships, and the transformative power of love.




  • A must see

    By bindigok
    This is an excellent look at normal gay life.
  • Complex Layered Piece - Support Indie

    By bennylovejones
    It is always a pleasure to support truly independent storytellers. Yan Ten and his talented ensemble cast deliver a textured piece of work which caused me to see the world through the characters eyes. We were fortunate enough to see this piece at Sundance in 2013. Very happy to see it get distribution and support on iTunes.
  • I don't know if it is a good movie or not...

    By Sceneweave66
    Cause I could not watch barley any of it, it took forever to load. Rubbish, oh and I was pleased With the 99 cent HD rental price, that good deal. But I had to delete my rental :( because it took to long to load. So sad, I know I would like the movie any ways haha
  • I wanted to like it

    By VvHotel
    I really wanted to like this, but it just felt like a cheap low-budget movie. I guess I am just used to gay foreign dramas looking nice and more credibly acted. I did find the story very interesting, but I guess I just wanted more. Just when I started to like it the movie comes to an end. Sigh...
  • Pretty Bad ...

    By My Raven
    The script was haywire and erratic; the acting mediocre; and the plot was lifeless and boring. It becomes clearly obvious why the studios panned it at Sundance & no studio picked up the distribution rights. I plan to delete it.
  • Pretty good for a "Low Budget" movie

    By N@kama
    Pretty good movie. I am easily impressed though. I want a #2 they left out so much.
  • Sorry, no empathy in there.

    By DAnder9829
    I long for a good gay male film that grabs me and surrounds me with warm feelings and erotic empathy. I want to feel some of the intensity like the women in Blue is the Warmest Colour feel. This movie isn't even close. I'm bored all the way through.
  • Waited for nothing...

    By ScottDouglas
    The only good thing about the movie was the last 8 minutes. A real waste of time.
  • Worth Watching

    By Nichaha
    What made this film refreshing to me was how the characters were all portrayed as realistic people, in complicated relationship dynamics, but not as “wrong” or “right” or any of that. I really enjoyed watching to two leads in their separate lives and with their different issues. Which made it so rewarding to see them take a risk and start what could be falling in love. It was a good look at what people choose to do after being hurt, and whether or not you choose to keep taking that risk of finding love, knowing you may be hurt again. Simple. Well made. Beautiful ending. Highly recommend.