High School DxD BorN, Season 3 (Original Japanese Version)

High School DxD BorN, Season 3 (Original Japanese Version)

High School DxD

  • Genre: High School DxD
  • Release Date: 2015-04-04
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 12
  • iTunes Price: USD 8.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 14.99


The babes and boys of the Occult Research Club are Back! Lovable loser (and bust buff) Issei and his clan of bewitching beauties return for a new season of supernatural tussles and sexy shenanigans—featuring old friends and new enemies! Now that all the girls live in Issei’s home, life seems like nothing but fun and scantily-clad lounging…for now! Join Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Asia, Xenovia, Gasper, and everyone’s favorite Harem King Issei as they fight, fumble, and fondle their way through their demonic high school lives.


Title Time Price
1 Any Time, For All Time! 24:01 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Cat and Dragon! 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Dragon of Dragon 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
4 I Will Fight! 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
5 Interception, Commence! 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
6 Second Trimester has Started! 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
7 Summer Break! Off to the Underworld! 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
8 The Last Day of Summer Break! 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
9 The Night Before Battle! 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
10 The Occult Club Disappears!? 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
11 We Will Save Asia! 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes
12 Young Devils Gather! 24:16 USD 0.99 Buy on iTunes



  • Dubbed now

    By TraeMoney
    When's the dubbed coming to iTunes it's been 6 months since the dubbed came out
  • English Dubbed

    By MrNooobie
    It would be highly appreciated if you guy made Highschool DxD season 3 in all English Dub I hope you guys get this and consider doing it thank you :)
  • English Version

    By Phantomshot79
    Unfortunately Itunes has to wait for FUNimation to release the english version to them, another thing if you subscribe to FUNimation you will see that the english version is complete except it is still censored at the moment, the reason it isnt released would be my guess they are working on uncensoring it for the people who want it, Also i believe i read their will be a season 4
  • Highschool

    By Tomy-San
    Funny , quirky , pervert , good time from beginning to end waiting for season 4
  • Highschool Dxd Born

    By Otakukage
    Hey i think that itunes should get more dubbed & uncensored anime. It might boost sales of course it won't fly with parents. They have a right to keep their children from adult stuff until the kids are older. That's why itunes asks to confirm purchases like that anyway. That's not the case with older teens/ young adults because we might want to watch that stuff away from prying eyes.
  • I like the serie

    By Gyyypjose1234
    I want to see the season 4 and all season in my store of Apple

    By Jackieee47
  • Unrealistic

    By SoNotAHater333
    That is all
  • Worst purchase made

    By BKingz17
    I wanna see the uncensored version! And I wanna watch the English Dub of season 3!
  • season 4 Hero

    By TiHundar
    it will be a must have the . 3 season that are out are consistant and the fact the the combat secenes are getting more and more detailed and the ablities of his armor are become greater along with the passion to be with and protect rias . is on par with bleach and dragon ball Z