• Genre: Roots
  • Release Date: 2016-05-30
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 6
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99
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ROOTS is a historical portrait that recounts one family’s struggle to resist the institution of American slavery, as they carry on the legacy of Kunta Kinte despite enormous hardship and inhumanity. Based on Alex Haley’s best-selling novel.


Title Time Price
1 Part 1 1:38:37 USD 5.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Part 2 1:36:02 USD 5.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Part 3 1:44:51 USD 5.99 Buy on iTunes
4 Part 4 1:28:53 USD 5.99 Buy on iTunes
5 Roots: Cultural Connector 01:32 Free Buy on iTunes
6 Roots: Empowerment 01:32 Free Buy on iTunes



  • A great reboot

    By Apdicted
    Although very hard to watch , it was so moving and heartbreaking. There is no other way to sugar code the shameful and dark history of slavery in America. Well made reboot of the original version. The new version gets into more detail and tells about the African heritage of Kuntakinte. Very nice touch showing the family structure and culture Kuntakinte came from. So many powerful and heartbreaking moments.
  • Behold the one thing greater than yourself

    By Don't rent, buy
    I loved the original miniseries, but I love this one even more. The reboot keeps everything that needs to be kept, and expands on it enough to be relevant for todays audience. Kunta Kinte, Kizzy, Chicken George, and Alex Haley would be proud. The series is highly entertaining, well acted, highly addictive, and in no way shape or form does it come off as preachy. Roots wasn't created to make you feel guilty for being White, or feel sorry for people who are Black, Roots was created to inspire us all. There's greatness in everyone, and just because you're not a Mandinkan warrior, that doesn't mean you can't acheive greatness.
  • More Detailed than 1st Series/Movie

    By Bug dropper
    I understood more than before when I first watched it. These series seemed to be closer towards the book than the first. It shows how people learn to fight and adapt to harsh circumstances in life. It makes me want to fight harder for what I want in life. Very inspirational.
  • Must watch

    By Dodo65556
    The way the story has been shown is so real unfiltered showing the disgust that racists had against africans and how they were living. Its so sad especially when its shown through the eyes of children whom were slaves. I hope this shows people that we should love and respect one another based on the insides not the outside.
  • Roots

    By Nubia67
    I saw the first Roots 40 years or so . It was riveting to say the least. However, I have seen some parts of the Trailer, to the Roots remake, this one is really so alive, the scenery is real the characters are so real, this is going to go down as one of the best, if not the best, depiction in a media production as can be. To bring to life and tell the horrific story of the enslavement of my ancestors, from the African Continent, the Middle Passage, to the Americas, the building of the American Empire, on the backs of African people. I am glad the younger generation will see this story.
  • Shameful

    Alex Haley is rolling over in his grave. I'm ashamed to come from the same country that made this racist, political revisionist tripe.