• Genre: Cyberbully
  • Release Date: 2011-07-17
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 3.99
From 366 Ratings


The new ABC Family Original Movie Cyberbully explores what happens when online bullying drives one girl to her breaking point. Seventeen-year-old Taylor Hillridge receives a laptop for her birthday and is excited about the possibilities and freedom offered by the internet. However, events take a drastic turn for the worse when Taylor is bullied online by her classmates. Starring Emily Osment, Kay Panabaker and Kelly Rowan.


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  • "I Can’t Get the Cap Off!"

    By TNT444
    One of the most hilarious lines in this whole movie. Don’t get me wrong, I like the ideas behind this movie. Cyberbullying has become a major thing affecting adolescents for the last several years. However, this movie botches its delivery of why that is. It’s not that it doesn’t try, or is confused on the issue, it just tries too hard. What was supposed to be a Breaking Bad-esque PSA about the effects of cyberbullying on kids & teens turns more into a Full House-esque version of the same premise. Writing, acting, musical direction, it’s all there. It’s Full House. On top of that, none of the decisions made to drive the plot makes any sense. The plot holes in this movie are enormous. Combine that with being produced by & airing on ABC Family, you have the Full House-esque PSA of 2011. And you know what? It’s hilarious. Many of the situations, & lines that flow from them, are hilarious, even in context. The unintentional crowning moment of funny in this whole movie comes from when the main character, Taylor, gets so depressed that she tries to commit suicide by overdosing on tylenol, or something similar. She posted that she was going to online, so her friend calls her mother, then her mother calls 911, only to reveal that she can’t get the cap off the bottle, combined with the over-the-top music & it ends up resulting in the scene being rendered hilarious. It never feels intentional either, which makes it even more hilarious. Now, I know someone committing suicide is a very bad & sad thing, but this film manages to unintentionally turn it hilarious. It’s quite jarring. So, if you’re looking for a movie to riff on, this is your movie. If you’re looking for a serious talk on cyberbullying, you won’t find a good one here.

    By Pretty@Princess
    Emily did an excellent job on CyberBullying as Taylor Hillarage who was bullied by Lindsay, the most popular girl 👧 in school 🏫 and her friends and she’ll have to do whatever it takes to stand up for herself and her friends with her help from her mom and her little brother, Eric. My favorite part of this movie 🎥 was when she overdosed a lot of drugs and pills 💊 in the bathroom 🚽 and she was rushed to the hospital 🏥. So sad 😞😭😔2 watch. Well, I hope 🤞 Taylor would be all better soon in this movie 🎥 and in the end, she’s officially now a-okay👌. The cast of Hannah Montana will be very proud of you 👍, Emily. Gr8 Job 👍!!!!!!
  • Backlash

    By Nanajameslove
    The was such a great movie but if u loved this movie you should read this book called backlash it is almost the same just a little different
  • Cyber bully Movie

    By Vanellope002
    This movie is so good! It even had me in tears! Cyber bullying is a Real issue that still happens no matter what. Love that it brings awareness to the issue.
  • Eh

    By me like hot girls
    Eh but eye opener
  • Every teenage girl should watch this movie

    By Catluver2004
    So one day I was bored and I wanted to buy a movie to watch. My Mom suggested that I watch Cyberbully, and I thought it would be cheesy and bad. But I underestimated it. This is a very touching movie about a teenager that goes through getting cyber bullied to the point where she tries to kill herself. I don't want to say too much or spoil too much, but this is a very well constructed movie that I think every teen should watch
  • Favorite movie

    By Smile 😄
    This is my absolute favorite movie ever and it's only FOUR DOLLARS. It's such an amazing movie and I cry every time I watch it.
  • Idk idk

    By Leg hry
    I love cyber bully
  • My Favorite Movie

    By Fan_of_the_Sand
    This is a really good movie and I was expecting it to be cost more. If you watch it keep a box of tissues near by because there will be tears.
  • Omg

    By Jenkkajs
    I cryed