9/11: Day That Changed the World

9/11: Day That Changed the World

9/11: Day That Changed The World

  • Genre: 9/11: Day That Changed The World
  • Release Date: 2011-09-05
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 1.99
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Learn first-hand how our nation’s key decision makers responded in the face of chaos and catastrophe on 9/11.


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  • 9/11

    By Renofog
    Well Made without bias. Crisp and non-partisan, well worth watching and remembering.
  • A Must see

    By MMCCD
    Beautifully put together
  • Actually a few things i did not already know!!!

    By westvillage09
    I get so bored by the 911 docs. that fill my TV guide this time a year with all the basic "911 for dummies" things we already know, but this one had some things i hadnt heard about like Rumsfeld helping with the stretcher out on the lawn and the guy at Barksdale who still has his list of items Air Force 1 needed like the 75 box lunches. Overall, it focuses most heavily on the administration and follows mostly Bush, Cheney, Laura, Rudy, NYPD comm, FDNY comm, FAA director and even the Speaker of the House who was put in a bunker as well.
  • Fantastic Documentary with only a few minor "spins" or "revisions"

    By GodSaves
    This is a well done documentary with lots of "first hand" reports and reflections. There are a few minor "spins" by the speakers and a "glitch" between this report and the official 9-11 Report. One of these was where the fighters from Otis AFB (now shut down) were heading when they were first "scambled" but the documentary does mention "dold war thinking" prevailing about a half hour later. You will hear first hand reports from George and Laura Bush, the Cheneys, Gulliani, Secret Service, reporters and many others. This shows how difficult decisions are made when there is no "checklist" or "plan" to follow and hints at the impact of those decisions over time. Fathers: Make a point of watching this documentary and if your kids are old enough have them watch it with you. Two especially poignant moments were Rumsfeld having to stop rescue operations right down the corridor from his office and the tough but necessary decision to go back to his office to do the work needed there. Strangely a second such "moment" was also Rumsfled who displays a part of the airplane saved that day as a reminder. Sadly too many have forgotten the mantra from that time "Never Forget !". This documentary along with "The Man Who Predicted 9/11" from the History Channel (the story of Rick Rescorla) are "must see" documentaries.
  • G

    By teachbearcop
    We must not forget!
  • God bless

    By El Catorce
    God bless the people lost, the people that came together and the usa..
  • Remember

    By Aces88
    Never forget those that died that day. Never forget those that died since in the War.
  • Review

    By Rambelin
    How does Someone rate this as low? That's actually kind of offensive.
  • a must see

    By rioady
    Very rivoting and touching to say the least!
  • good