Drake & Josh, Season 2

Drake & Josh, Season 2

By Drake & Josh

  • Genre: Drake & Josh
  • Release Date: 2006-09-24
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Drake & Josh 187071502
  • iTunes Price: GBP 12.99


Yes, they fight over girls, they take advantage of each other (well, Drake does, at least), and they even annoy one another with silly bets. But in the end, whether it's joining forces to win a talent show, or proving one's innocence against committing a school prank, Drake and Josh always have each other's backs.



  • Drake and Josh!!

    By Zoo Keeys
    Please can you put the blues brothers episode on? Clearly that's the episode everyone wants (but who doesn't that episode is amazing!) and you even put in the description at the top ''But in the end, whether it's joining forces to win a talent show,'' and its still not there... also where is season one? Those episodes on season one are helerious!
  • Drake and josh season 2

    By Drake and josh r the best
  • LISTEN!!!

    By eilidhandcharlie
    People the reason iTunes don't put up series 1 or the blues brothers is because they don't have the rights to it from nick. If everyone goes to the iTunes website there is a form for feedback where you can suggest what things you want them to the rights to and put up. So if we all do this instead of pointlessly complaining then it will eventually appear!!!!! Xx

    By Your Heads Gone
    AMAZIN eps but where is season 1 Guitar, Numer 1 fan, The Gary grill, Blues brothers, Drivers licence
  • Quite disappointed...honestly

    By PhilipRowley
    I ordered the Season 2 expecting the full season. I only got 9 episodes and you expect me to pay extra for the other 5 episodes? I would like the other episodes. Or I would like to request a refund.
  • The blues brothers episode!

    By Sandie. J
    ok, I don't get it! why doesnt itunes put up the best episodes, like the blues brothers!?!? i'm really unhappy. as soon as itunes put it on-im buying it straight away.
  • Why

    By Chunter 12345
    Were blue brothers
  • Why?

    By smiley_steph
    The series are all amazing, but where is the blues brothers one? Thats my favourite. Please add it. Thanks. x
  • great show missing episodes

    By dodo_g
    really funny show but not the whole season be cafeful
  • season 1

    By Matthew Wright23
    please can you put drake and josh season 1 onto itunes as there are loads of great episodes on that too PLZ ITUNES!! great season though!