Bones, Season 3

Bones, Season 3

By Bones

  • Genre: Bones
  • Release Date: 2007-09-25
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Bones 164228773
  • iTunes Price: GBP 16.99


Several questions were left hanging at the end of Season 2: What happened after Angela and Hodgins fled the altar, leaving Brennan and Booth to fill the gap? Will Zack go to Iraq? If so, what will happen to him there? Will Cam and Booth resume their on-again, off-again relationship? In the third season of Bones, Brennan and Booth find themselves on the trail of a serial killer who discards his victims' remains off freeway overpasses. Brennan also must deal with the trial of her father, Max Keenan, for the murder of the Deputy Director of the FBI.



  • Bones Season 3

    By CSI Browne
    Finally a decent TV programme. I am a massive fan of bones, and like many forensic based shows it has a great cast. The 2 main characters are Booth and Bones played by David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. Booth is a fbi agent and Bones as the names suggests is a forensic anthropologist (deals with bones). The rest of the teams come from Angela Montenegro (forensic artist), Dr Jack Hodgins (entomologist), Dr Zack Addy (forensic anthropologist), Dr Camille Sorayan (head of the department) and Dr Sweets (Booth and Bones psycologist). The main storyline for season 3 was the Gormagon serial killer, who after killing his victims likes to eat them. He also liked to take a bone from his victims to replace the silver skeleton posed in a position called "the widows son", (which is known in ancient greek as a sacrifice pose). Booth & Bones also find out that the Gormagon has an apprentice and in the final episode we find that it is a main character who everyone is fond of. If you like shows like CSI then you will love this. Bones Season 3 DVD's will be out on 8/12/08 at £28.99 ( Bones season 3 gets 10/10.
  • Eeeeeee!!

    By summersoph06
    To say that I like Bones and I'm excited about it coming onto iTunes finally might be a bit of an understatement! Bones has everything I, and most people, look for in a great show - witty banter, great characters (every one of them, not just the leads) and enough of a tricky case to keep your brain active. The actors in the show are great - David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel bring Bones and Booth alive with their constanst bickering, "guy hugs" and the underlying S. tension that is always present. However, the show wouldnt cope with Thyne, Conlin, Millegan and Taylor - after all it takes the whole team to solve the case. In Series 3, they also bring in John Francis Daley as the couples therapist for Bones and Booth, providing even more oppourtunities for them to show how much they are "just partners". My favourite episodes available at the moment are "Baby In The Bough" (for BB playing Mom and Dad) and "Santa In The Slush" (for the moment all diehard fans waited for, plus generally great episode), but all the others are at just as high quality. Cant wait for the last few to come available :) And maybe the other series?
  • Just the best

    By RB1701
    This show is just the best it tops csi by a mile, and they don't pull any punches you see it all death and decay.
  • ace

    By wingie
    i was one of these dummies whose been waitin for it on dvd but i gave in to itunes as they got it like 2 months (give or take) before it cames out on dvd. watched the whole lot within 3 days and now am watchin season 4 :D the price is pretty gd when you think about it, its similar to buyin it from a shop.
  • any clues?

    By Kate7619
    This is one of the most entertaining shows on TV but does anyone know Y there are only 15 episodes in this season when all other seasons are around 22?
  • awsum

    bones is a fantastic show. im a huge fan. although the pricing is far to high on itunes buy from amazon on dvd. but other than that bones = AMAZING
  • bones

    By smorley
    I love Kathy Reichs' books. Fab surprise to find a tv series based on them and her work. Excellent actors and acting, very enjoyable and for me compulsive viewing to see the charectors grow. Hope there is a series 5!!
  • ☺ Fantastic ☺

    By Mr Edward Rooney
    I have watched all the current episodes of bones, and would advise viewers to watch more than one episode in order to appreciate the fantastic acting, cinematography and special effects. I can only hope this amazing drama continues to grow in accomplishment. Well done to the script writers and directors for bring us this excellent style of drama, humour, and uplifting power of intellect. Thank you.