In Bruges

In Bruges

By Martin McDonagh

  • Genre: Martin McDonagh
  • Release Date: 2008-02-08
  • Advisory Rating: 18
  • Runtime: 1h 46min
  • Director: Martin McDonagh
  • Production Company: Twins Financing
  • iTunes Price: GBP 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 3.49
From 3,118 Ratings


Colin Farrell and Academy Award-nominee Ralph Fiennes star in this edgy, action-packed comedy, filled with thrilling chases, spectacular shoot-outs and an explosive ending you won't want to miss! Hit men Ray (Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson, Harry Potter) have been ordered to cool their heels in the storybook city of Bruges (it's in Belgium) after finishing a big job. But since hit men make the worst tourists, they soon find themselves in a life & death struggle of comic proportions against one very angry crime boss (Fiennes)! Get ready for the outrageous and unpredictable fun you will have In Bruges, the movie critics are calling, "wildly entertaining" - Stephen Rebello, Playboy.




  • Decieving

    By CorduroySlim
    At first glance this may appear as the typical pubescent action film, but do not be fooled. The characters are far more intricate than they initially seem and the language used, whilst being politically incorrect, suites them perfectly; despite the "artsy" setting, the characters are in no way "dressed up". It is an ugly storyline with a beautiful backdrop, a thought provoking epic riddled with metaphors and dark humour. A truly decieving film.
  • Great

    By Lex3211
    Awesome if you like dark comedies. And gleeson and farrell are great actors.
  • Great Film

    By bc40
    loved this film, funny, colin farrell brill was looking to watch again but way over priced but thats only because of how long its been out i will buy it, but not through iTunes
  • If you don't don't have a pulse!

    By JoeLovesMe
    If you do nothing simply HAVE to give this film a watch. Absolutely, hilariously, stupid, but it works! The incompetence of 2 hit men is the crux of the plot, but what transpires is just very, very funny. One of my all time favourite films!
  • In Bruges! What a great film, if wasn't for it I would have never gone to visit.

    By Mc166
    I've been to the place and watched the film. What can I say!! They are both amazing. I must admit the film inspired me to go and I didn't regent it. What a beautiful place and a great film. What made it as well is staying in the hotel, as same as the cast. I would got back tomorrow, as the people from Belgium are so friendly and scenery is picture perfect, I think it is as good as Rome. If you ever go there you will have no regrets.
  • Mixed Drinks

    By TreyRoque
    After hearing so much about this movie, I expected a crime comedy. However, it veers so wildly from the serious and emotional to the plain daft, it's hard to make much of it. Not as funny as people make out, and sometimes uber-violent. Fiennes is doing his 'sexy beast' bad boy, and Farrell is pretty unsympathetic, as i his love interest – and pretty much everyone else in the movie. The saving grace is Brendan Gleeson, who's brilliant performance carries the heart of the movie and makes what's credible about it… credible.
  • Not really a comedy

    By Johny3172
    I wouldn't mark this movie as a comedy with all the killings and blood in it. Yet it is weirdly funny.
  • One of the best films ever made

    By Harryw3
    Colin, Brendan and Ralph are superb! With some hilarious and emotional moments, In Bruges is a modern classic that is simply genius!
  • Perfect family film

    By Jame chung
    A great comedy i burst out laughing everywhere, make sure you show em kids
  • So good

    By Lugsi1
    Probably one of the most underrated comedies ever. Very funny and well made