Red Dwarf, Series 3

Red Dwarf, Series 3

By Red Dwarf

  • Genre: Red Dwarf
  • Release Date: 1989-11-14
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Red Dwarf 299056991
  • iTunes Price: GBP 6.99


In series three Kryten's amusingly shaped head becomes a permanent fixture on board Red Dwarf. The newly expanded crew runs amok through time and space, blithely ignoring the consequences of causality. Meanwhile, as Red Dwarf heads on a collision course towards a minefield of black holes, the crew is forced to abandon ship. Lister finds himself marooned on an arctic moon with Rimmer and only a tin of dog food between him and starvation. Sci-fi comedy starring Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Danny John-Jules.