Red Dwarf, Series 2

Red Dwarf, Series 2

By Red Dwarf

  • Genre: Red Dwarf
  • Release Date: 1988-09-06
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Red Dwarf 299056991
  • iTunes Price: GBP 6.99


The boys from the Dwarf are back and ready to answer an SOS call from the crashed spaceship Nova 5. They are expecting to rescue three stunningly attractive female officers, so Lister throws on his t-shirt with only two curry stains on it, and Rimmer dons an Admiral's outfit, but instead all they find is the service mechanoid Kryten. Series two also sees their dreams come true in the 'Better than Life' total immersion video game, they travel back in time 3 million years, and could Holly's new invention the Holly Hop Drive be their ticket back to Earth? Sci-fi comedy starring Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Danny John-Jules.