By Rodrigo Cortés

  • Genre: Rodrigo Cortés
  • Release Date: 2010-09-29
  • Advisory Rating: 15
  • Runtime: 1h 35min
  • Director: Rodrigo Cortés
  • iTunes Price: GBP 2.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 0.99


Buried is unlike any film you have ever seen before. Imagine waking up in the dark and realising that you've been buried alive for reasons unknown to you, with nothing but a lighter, a mobile phone and only 90 minutes of oxygen left. Ryan Reynolds (The Green Lantern) delivers an utterly compelling performance as everyman, Paul Conroy that is filled with fear, frustration, emotion and even a couple of dark laughs along the way. It has wowed audiences and critics alike with its jaw-dropping ingenuity and utterly compelling story. It will lose none of its tension in the home where the claustrophobic thrills will be even more powerful...experience Buried now!