Primeval: New World, Season 1

Primeval: New World, Season 1

By Primeval: New World

  • Genre: Primeval: New World
  • Release Date: 2013-01-08
  • Advisory Rating: Caution
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Primeval: New World 588951934
  • Production Company: The Virginia Company LLC
  • iTunes Price: GBP 20.99
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Primeval: New World follows the story of a North American team that discovers DINOSAURS and other dangerous predators emerging onto the streets of modern-day Vancouver through ANOMALIES in time. EVAN CROSS, visionary inventor, heads up the team -- predator control expert DYLAN WEIR, security specialist MAC RENDELL, and physics prodigy TOBY NANCE. ANGE FINCH, Evan's oldest friend and business partner, keeps CROSS PHOTONICS afloat while Evan and his Special Projects Group track escapee dinosaurs, with the overeager help of LIEUTENANT KEN LEEDS, head of the government’s decommissioned department for investigating alien life and other mysteries -- including Anomalies. Throughout season one, our characters quickly gain expertise in the prehistoric creatures they hunt, the weapons they need to handle them, and the nature of the Anomalies themselves. They face danger side by side, and come to rely on each other for not only survival, but comfort and intimacy as well.




  • Everyone has got it wrong

    By Pnw lover
    What people don't get it's not meant to be the original and at least it's better they don't have all the gadgets like the original because there is no action if you just lock an anomaly and have stupid emd's and if you get what I'm saying everything being like the original would be boring so its better to be different
  • Great Addition to the Franchise

    By benJewer
    Although it got off to a weak start, this Spin-Off has turned out to be genuinely enjoyable and I personally prefer it to the original. It has a more adult, realistic tone which adds a lot and some really great acting and visual effects. The main criticism I've seen seems to have been that it's not the original - which is hardly fair. It works really well on it's own, and there are a few references to the original series that fans will appreciate.
  • It gets better...

    By Fluffykeith
    All new shows need at least half a season to find their feet, but since this is a spin-off from an established and popular show, it has less excuse for having such a mediocre start. It retains the basic premise of Primeval, but not the humour or generally light-hearted pace. It tries for a more adult tone and ends up taking itself too seriously for what it is. The main character is extremely bland and his actions don't live up to his supposed "rich genius" archetype...its a worrying sign when ALL of the supporting cast are more fun to watch and more interesting than he is. That being said, it gets better. About episode 5 the characters begin to gel and the story elements begin to find some cohesion, the humour becomes a bit more evident and it all begins to work. Theres still a lot of issues, and its still NOT living up to the legacy left by Primeval, but it's worth sticking with it.
  • It's all right

    By Kicking bling
    I prefer the earlier season with captain Becker and Danny Quinn. The first episode was all right but connor temple should of stayed on the set for longer
  • Sadly terrible..

    By over opinionated
    I really wanted to like and enjoy this as much as (if not more) than the original Primeval. It could of been really good; not they have made it boing and uninteresting. I only downloaded the first episode (thank God) in which Connor Temple appears- for a total screen time of less than 5 minutes. To be quite honest the first episode of this is most definitely the worst episode the franchise has done (that is to say it was worst than any episode in the original 5 seasons). This sadly may be the reason (the original) Primeval may not get a 6th season, which will truly be a shame.
  • Ugh.

    By Jeraldsonson
    Primeval Should've died with Cutter, I loved the first few seasons, Season 4-5 were okay at best, I was really hoping that this would be good, but it's just...not.
  • overall review

    By wieran33
    the first episode is a dissapointment, it was given a much bigger review than was actually delivered. the second episode is slightly better, as you get an understanding of all the new characters more. it will be intersting to see how they end this series. But overall, i have enjoyed the first two episodes, even though i would have loved to see connor in more episodes as i thought he was a bit of a let down. bearing in mind that ipossible pictures didnt do this series, i think that it isnt bad, not as good as the first series, or any of the original, but it is still worth anyones while if they truely enjoy primeval
  • the substance without the wit

    By Nicola Christine
    Sad development - story is preserved but without the wit and character that made the original story