Almost Human, Season 1

Almost Human, Season 1

By Almost Human

  • Genre: Almost Human
  • Release Date: 2013-11-04
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Almost Human 715897962
  • Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • iTunes Price: GBP 14.99
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In this action-packed show set in 2048, a worse-for-wear cop teams up with a second-hand synthetic android to fight a strain of urban crime that’s evolved in ever more frightening ways. Detective John Kennex survived a catastrophic attack on the city’s police department that cost him nearly everything. Returning over a year later, he finds the transition difficult. Not only does he suffer guilt for the lethal ambush, but department policy now requires that every cop be paired with a highly evolved human-like android partner. Rejecting policy, Kennex reinstates an outdated Dorian android — whose somewhat dysfunctional platform is based on a “Synthetic Soul” program, allowing it to have emotional responses. It’s this flawed humanity, however, that connects Dorian and John. And together, they set out to keep the city safe, uncover the criminal conspiracy that threatens to destroy their world… and find their common humanity.




  • A_storm_inside

    By Beth McDonald
    I'm really excited by this series, it is a cheesy show, but still very very good :)
  • Almost Human

    By jonny dav
    have watched the pilot and i wouldn't say I'm addicted but i found it to be very enjoyable, good actors keep a sometimes dodgy script alive. the show creates a believable blade runner esque world which really works
  • Almost Human -- a brilliant pilot episode..

    By MikeyWikeyikey
    One of the best starts to a sci- fi series in years
  • Awesome

    By Brother_les
    I watched the first few episodes on a flight - it was very entertaining. Almost addictive.
  • Deeply disappointing

    By Aleph321
    How I looked forward to this, and it started pretty well. BUT, it became a cliched mess, really. The dialogue at the end of the pilot was poor in the extreme, as characters fell into ‘roles’ they were expected to perform. The transformation of the attitudes of Karl Urban’s character was the stuff of comic books of 9 year olds. Such a shame. Lots of it was good, but it failed,
  • Gutted

    By pole dancing goddess
    Another series I started getting into and then heard it was not being renewed for a second season, well done Fox another muppet decision!!!!!
  • I tried

    By Fraston
    I started watching with an open mind, but after the first 20 minutes the cliches were still coming thick and fast, and I couldn’t take it anymore so I stopped watching. It might have transformed into a seminal work of Televisual Art seconds later (the same way Fringe did halfway thru season Two perhaps), but the way it was heading I really doubt that. As an introduction and teaser for the rest of the series, this utterly failed to grab me, let alone keep me for more than 20 mins. It’s safe, reliable, comfy watching.
  • Silly

    By Iona Bicycle
    Waste of good actors.
  • Wonderful if you liked Fringe

    By carefulsquid
    I loved this series but sadly FOX have cancelled it even though it was doing ok ratings wise. It's a great show well worth your money. By the same people that did Fringe.