Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon

By Mike Hodges

  • Genre: Mike Hodges
  • Release Date: 1980-12-05
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 51min
  • Director: Mike Hodges
  • iTunes Price: GBP 9.99


Featuring an all-star cast and a much-celebrated soundtrack by Queen, this is the original and best version of the sci-fi classic Flash Gordon, based on the comic books by Alex Raymond and Don Moore. Spawning Saturday morning serials, animated cartoons, a recent live action series on Sky, the story is once again going to be remade for the big screen in the near future. Meanwhile, you can enjoy this gloriously camp version in lurid Technicolor. Flash (Sam J Jones) is a football hero skyjacked aboard Dr Zarkov’s (Topol) spaceship along with the beautiful Dale Arden (Melody Anderson). The threesome is drawn into the influence of the planet Mongo where they encounter Ming the Merciless (Max Von Sydow) and together must foil his plot to destroy Earth.



  • Amazing!

    By Grumpy Jimmy
    What a great film, full of then young superstars in a magical story that every young boy wanted to be in back in the early 80’s. No digital effects, all practical and bring a genuine feel to the film. Watch it and fall in love with it!
  • Classic

    By Stephen Minton
    Great nostalgia and lots of fun. But I guess instead of reviewing the movie, why don't we just post butthurt messages about the fact it's only available to rent in a certain window of time which has nothing to do with iTunes or Apple and is determined by the studio rights holders who sign distribution agreements which are constantly changing with TV channels, online streaming platforms and digital download stores, consequently resulting in periods of time when certain movies are only available to rent and not buy, or during which the price may fluctuate accordingly? Yeah let's do that, and let's keep doing it every single time we find a movie on iTunes which is only available to rent and not buy, as if Tim Cook is sitting in his office deciding to make certain movies unavailable for purchase because it's part of some crackpot idea to annoy you.
  • Great film

    By Baldydafydd
    But I’m puzzled I already own this film, I bought it several years ago from ITUNES!?
  • Pure 80s Sci-Fi Fun

    By -pb-
    There is a good reason this film is ingrained in the mind of anyone who lived through the 80s. Brian Blessed, a young Timothy Dalton and Blue Peters Peter Duncan among others. Camp, crazy and a comic book treat for the senses. Perfect nostalgia trip in HD.
  • Why Rent Only?

    By LummersD
    I want to buy the modern masterpiece, not rent it. Come iTunes, you buttheads.