The Alamo: A True Story of Courage

The Alamo: A True Story of Courage

By Lynn Stevenson

  • Genre: Lynn Stevenson
  • Release Date: 2004-03-30
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 13min
  • Director: Lynn Stevenson
  • iTunes Price: GBP 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: GBP 5.49


On March 6, 1836 the 13-day siege of the Alamo ended. Among the dead were three men destined to become martyrs and heroes: David Crockett, James Bowie and William B. Travis. Though considered a “small affair” at the time by victorious Mexican commander, General Santa Anna, the Alamo would take its place in history as a key battle of the Texas Revolution. Cries of Remember the Alamo! would eventually fuel an American victory over Mexico. The Alamo and its defenders grew into enduring symbols of courage and sacrifice in the face of overwhelming odds. Under the loving care of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the neglected mission was transformed into a shrine that continues to attract thousands of visitors from around the world each year. Today, Living History groups stage reenactments of the battle to educate the public, while historians seek the truth in a haystack of conflicting eyewitness accounts. Controversy has always been part of the history and legend of the Alamo. Whether they hold traditional or revisionist views, people are passionate about their opinions. Since 1836, the Alamo and its heroes have been immortalized in countless poems, songs, plays, books and movies. The films of Walt Disney starring Fess Parker inspired a Davy Crockett craze that covered the nation with coon skin caps and merchandise ranging from games to salt shakers to ladies underwear. John Wayneʼs epic “The Alamo”, took 11 years to make. Join us for an intriguing look at the Alamo featuring a host of fascinating people whose varying perspectives promise to illuminate a complex and controversial subject – • Interviews with authors, historians, anthropologists, reenactors, collectors, and others contrast and collide as history meets myth meets popular culture.