Captain Scarlet, Series 1

Captain Scarlet, Series 1

Captain Scarlet

  • Genre: Captain Scarlet
  • Release Date: 1967-09-29
  • Episodes: 32
  • iTunes Price: GBP 10.99


Imaginative and fantastical Supermarionation fun in the year 2065, when Earth's security organisation, Spectrum, spearheads an expedition to Mars. The local inhabitants, the Mysterons, mistakenly believe the arrival of the earthlings signals attack. Captain Scarlet and Black are captured and given the power to recreate themselves, even after being killed. Scarlet escapes, maintaining loyalty to Spectrum, while Captain Black becomes the Mysterons' pawn.


Title Time Price
1 The Mysterons 27:10 GBP 0.99 Buy on iTunes



  • A classic

    By Jnksgb
    What can I say.. You either love Captain Scarlet or you don't.. If you don't then this is not for you.

    By Impuls5e
    In reference to some of the other reviews here, Apple don't decide what price to give content, that decision is up to the companies who put it onto the iTunes store. Your reviews were probably deleted because another iTunes customer flagged your reviews up as misleading, which they were if they implied that iTunes sets the prices of everything on the store. Back to the show itself, Captain Scarlet is a brilliant piece of Science Fiction and still stands up to this day, like a lot of Gerry Anderson's work. If you're a fan of Thunderbirds this is probably the closest Gerry Anderson show you'll get with the same feel so it should be quite accessible.
  • Awesome

    By ygrichman
    The 3rd best thing ITC made (thuderbirds 1st stingray 2nd) cheaper then the dvd a bargain apart from the episode 15 16 mix up other then that brilliant
  • Brings back memories

    By ORP12
    I purchased the first few episodes to check the quality which is very good, whilst I was deducted the full £1.89 price from my voucher account for each of the episodes, the invoice only stated 99p without a credit for the difference. bit ifffyyy. On purchasing further episodes the £1.89 price was deducted and invoiced at £1.89. If only there was a complete this order for the equivalent series purchase price then I would be completing this along with Thunderbirds and Stingray..... Now where is Joe 90???????
  • Episode 16 preview

    By del4316
    I am definitely getting this set. But you must just look at the preview of episode 16 surely the puppet looks like george bush :-)
  • The Episodes Are In The Wrong Order from 13 onwards

    By Fightstar'sBiggestFan
    I put Captain Scarlet on iTunes. Here's the episode order. Psyche! That's the wrong order.
  • To the plonkers above:

    By Rodimus2000
    I have just double checked the price of the original Captain Scarlet box set. The price is ... wait for it...£69.99. That means that this download is cheaper by 20 quid! Not bad I say! Well worth a download.
  • Would love it, but too expensive!!!

    By NASCAR Champ
    I agree with the other reviews it is far too expensive. I would love to watch this with my son on our new iPad but not at that price.
  • awesome!

    By didactos
    This is a great seires!!!
  • this is so ace

    By RaBiT/MaN
    this is done by the same people that gave us Thunderbirds and Stingray, it based in the future around an orgisashion called Spectrum, a space mishion goes wrong and the mistrones try and take over the owrld, the only one who can save them is Captain Scarlet an idestructurble man.