Hollyoaks Omnibus, 2011

Hollyoaks Omnibus, 2011


  • Genre: Hollyoaks
  • Release Date: 2011-01-02
  • Episodes: 52
  • iTunes Price: GBP 24.99


A round up of the week's juicy events from Chester's multitude of beautiful young things in the compelling teenage soap opera.


Title Time Price
1 Omnibus - 2 January 2011 1:51:53 GBP 1.49 Buy on iTunes



  • 2012 episodes - disappeared??

    By BizzyMisty
    Been checking to see if the 2012 episodes had re-appeared, but alas nothing. Has Hollyoaks been scraped from iTunes?
  • 2012 gone

    By Jengo72
    Can't believe the 2012 episodes have been removed. Contacted support and they said they will investigate, but in the meantime my subscription has been credited back to my account. It may return it may not and to try again in a few weeks was the response from support.
  • 5 stars

    By ashley cranston
    hollyoaks inspires me so much if you want to improve in the future as a ellow viewer i suggest you make it a bit more scary with some violence and make it so emotional that you could cry and always end with a cliffhanger if you can go that way. i think you should make more omnibus episode like episode 7 where threasa is trapped in that bank in a panic and is being tracked down like an animal. bild up the suspence. to some this review up i think your show is cosmic, unstoppable and addictive to watch wishing it would last till you die and cos i am so attached it just makes me forget that it's no real i feel so infatuated and it's impossable to forget.
  • Absolute bargain....

    By Bonzai1888
    But we need the 2010 episodes. Buying purely for the Brendan Brady stuff I didn't pay full attention too, I thought he was an awful pantomime villain...until that scene where he confronted Silas, then I was hooked. CH4 are missing a trick here if they don't put all the Brady stuff on here...he really was the best thing in it for years.
  • Cool

    By Sassycat97
    I wish that you could have 2010's omnibus' because I got really into Hollyoaks when Jason, Bart and Sinead were at that farm/ barn and so I want to see the history with all of them because I feel like I've missed out on some amazing drama. So please, please could there be a 2010 omnibus thingy please because I'd love to watch them.
  • Great show, absolutely love it, but..

    By niblit79
    Where did the 2012 episodes go?? This is the only way I can watch Hollyoaks.. :-(
  • Hollyoaks 2012

    By JPUD2010
    Spoke to Channel 4 who said there has been a technical issue and the episodes will return to iTunes but they don't have an exact date yet!
  • Where have the 2012 omnibuses gone?

    By HHS fan
    Seriously as sad as it may sound I love being able to watch Hollyoaks as I live abroad. Where have the episodes for 2012 gone????
  • bring back 2012 episodes

    By Ric W
    contacted apple earlier and they say catalog is possibly been updated and hollyoaks 2012 could be down due to that and therefore it could be only temporarily be unavailable. Fingers crossed
  • hollyoaks omnibus 2010

    By *insert nick name*
    i wish that i tunes could upload 2010 omnibus because i can't find any full episodes that were from 2010.